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phillyfan26 02-16-2008 09:59 PM

What's the funniest thing you've ever said to a sports official?


DreamOutLoud13 02-17-2008 03:12 AM

I don't think I've ever said anything to a sports official.

Carek1230 02-17-2008 08:55 AM

Does high school rollerhockey count? I called the ref an asshole telling him he made another bullshit call when my son got sent to the penalty box. I almost got kicked out. :lol:

Aidan O'Leary 02-17-2008 01:46 PM

I once got in a fist fight with a sports official named Troy. Or Roy. I can't remember. I won.

gvox 02-17-2008 02:13 PM

I told a referee at my son's basketball game he needed to get a new optician, and he ejected me from the gym, so I guess that wasn't really 'funny' per se..

I do have a funny story to relate, tho..on my son's team there is a player who's father is also a referee, so we're at this game and he's in the stands just going at the ref...finally the ref walks over and ejects him..which means he's supposed to not attend any more games in that particular wknd tournament...so he goes out to a costume store, gets a wig, a moustache and some glasses, and comes back for the next game. Stray ball goes into the stands, right where he is, and he sortof dive catches it so it won't hit this girl, and his wig falls off onto the floor (he's normally bald). Refs can do a max of 3 games in a row, so it was the same ref - ref comes over and recognizes him, ejects him for the second time that day.

Well I found it funny, anyways.. :der:

Carek1230 02-17-2008 04:09 PM

That's funny!! :lmao: I would have loved to have been there!

beegee 02-17-2008 07:29 PM

84 :love:

INSTCUWSUMVC 02-17-2008 07:43 PM

I once told a grey headed ref in basketball that if he called another foul on me for a hand check I was going to spray paint his grey hair to save him some money I got a technical for that need less to say

zonelistener 02-17-2008 11:30 PM


Originally posted by bonosgirl84
84 :love:
I was thinking the same thing.

Uh, I may have anger management issues, and have played and coached on many different levels, BUT, playing co-ed kickball last fall, I was getting a little pissed a t a ref who clearly did not know the rules (yes, of kickball).

The play stops when the pitcher has control of the ball on the mound. Well, I was the pitcher, and after a kick, had control of the ball on the mound and a runner advanced. The runner was called safe, so I still argued the call.

The ump eventually asked for my name and I went into a Mora-like tirade "My name? What do you need my name for? My name?"

I was not tossed from the game - but we did lose.

unico 02-18-2008 09:24 AM

I yelled to the ref that he lost his contact.


phillyfan26 02-18-2008 10:46 AM

My father, a longtime basketball coach, once threw his whiteboard towel on the court like a challenge flag to try to get a call changed.

RedRocksU2 02-18-2008 11:44 AM

Well, to answer the question, I call a ref calling our volleyball tournament a "Fucking idiot"....gave him the finger.......and I got thrown out of the match. *totally embarrased afterwards*

RedRocksU2 02-18-2008 11:45 AM


Originally posted by zonelistener

playing co-ed kickball last fall



Diemen 02-18-2008 01:47 PM

in the local basketball league in high school, I was getting fouled left and right and the ref wasn't calling it. Then I was backing down my defender and the ref called charging on me even though the guy wasn't planted or anything. I got so pissed I threw the ball against the gym wall as hard as I could.. Got a technical and all my friends at school the next day asked me about it since I was always the quiet guy who never got pissed off. :wink:

pepokiss 02-18-2008 05:00 PM

I only got bunnion stories from Newman... :grumpy:

iloveedge 02-18-2008 07:23 PM

There's a town where we sometimes go play hockey and, for no good reason, the refs hate everyone from my town. So here I am at the face off. The ref sees that my sleeves are up and it's showing a little bit of skin...He comes up to me and says Put your sleeves down. I ask him, What, does it excite you? He told me to shut up or else he would give me a penalty.

I did shut up...and I managed to hit him with the puck. I mean, he was standing beside the net :shrug: It was an accident of course :angel:

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