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Irvine511 07-25-2007 10:30 PM

just saw it with Memphis, and it's totally absorbing, though i was irritated by the rosey picture of other nation's health care system. when i lived in Belgium, i had a great experience. had a nasty strep throat once, went to the doctor, got a perscription, walked down the road, paid $20ish, then got to send in a rebate for the $20, and got a note saying that i should be out of work for the next 3 days. totally great. no waits at all.

but i've heard the horror stories from british friends about the NHS. and there's more, but no need to go into that here.

it's a very good film. and there's less of Moore-being-Moore, which is a good thing because he's such a polarizing figure now that he can only detract from his message.

i think what i took away from the film -- and i am a freelancer, so i have to purchaes my own insurance, and being a healthy young person, is just under $150 a month -- is that i need to damn well take good care of myself, eat right, exercise, live well, manage stress, deal with issues before they become problems, and do whatever i can in order to lessen my chances of developing serious medical issues later in life.

but i'm lucky. no cancer. no chronic diseases. i'm fit as a fiddle.

and i wonder, if it wasn't probably illegal to ask, i wonder if it could be determiend that it would be in a company's best interests to ask whether or not i'm gay and then deny me insurance based upon being more statistically at risk for HIV (despite the fact that i was always far more paranoid about safe sex than my straight counterparts).

i don't know what the answer is, but i do think there are things i can do, as an individual, to make things better at least for myself.

and, soon, i'll probably get to be on Memphis's spectacular employee healthcare. so, yay to that.

diamond 07-26-2007 12:06 AM


Originally posted by Butterscotch
Wow, very interesting.


BVS 07-26-2007 03:07 AM


Originally posted by diamond

Wow, very interesting.


that movie reminds me a lot of dbs posts; hypocritical, non factual, and missing context...

MrsSpringsteen 09-11-2007 04:51 PM

I read this on Pop Candy this morning-that's impressive for a movie about health care. If only it could have an equivalent impact. Maybe there's still hope. I guess Moore's still got it, I wonder what his next project will be.

"SiCKO," Michael Moore's highly acclaimed and entertaining expose of the American health care system, has just become the third highest grossing documentary of all time grossing $24.2 million domestically since it debuted in theaters on June 29th. "SiCKO," one of the most talked about films of the year, moved into third place taking the spot of previous record holder "An Inconvenient Truth" and behind Moore's previous film "Fahrenheit 9/11" and "March of the Penguins." The announcement was made today by Bob and Harvey Weinstein, co-chairmen of The Weinstein Company.

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