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thankyou 12-16-2005 04:08 PM

just got in from the Omaha show. OH MY GOD!! (I drove all the way from Minneapolis area (61/2 hrs) ) I don't think I can ever get down from this high, and I don't want to!!! The show was AMAZING!! Very good setlist, great snippets added. Couldn't believe my ears when I started hearing Bono sing "all i want is you!!"
Unfortunately I can't stay and gush any more about my experience., cause I gotta run, but can't wait to get back on and start reading about everybody else's experiences.

BONOSTAGEGIRL!! I spotted you right away, even before before Kanye. I remember you well from the MN show! I saw the Bman hanging out for a while where you were standing. Want to share the conversation?? You looked pretty darn happy!!

Bonosstagegirl 12-16-2005 08:17 PM

Well I wasn't in the ellipse this time I was out at the tip of it for the first time. He saw my new sign that read "Remember me? I lost 75lbs to dance with you." He read the new sign and smiled and gave a little wave. Adam read it as well and he kept looking me in the eyes very intensely and giving me a smile from ear to ear and shook his head at me. He must of been making eye contact with me for almost a minute straight. It was cool that he remembered and the show was awesome. Did you notice something that I didn't? Where were you standing?

thankyou 12-17-2005 01:53 AM

Hi again Bonostagegirl!

I was in the section right to the side of Edge, second row, but did get out of my seat quite abit and got all the way to the rail, only to be a few feet away form the elipse walkway. I happen to be standing there when he walked over to sing, and I had never seen him so closeup! It felt surreal to feel like he was right there, so unbelievably close, like I could almost touch him. All I could think was "please don't look straight at me, because I won't know what to do!"

I tried to get a photo, but my camera took too long to focus, so I just won't write what I felt like saying at that moment :silent: ! After all, you are trying to enjoy that moment that might never happen again, and then you are losing the moment if you pay too much attention to stupid camera equipment, so I forgot about the photo and focused on the man. Good choice!

Not as lucky as you though to have the Bman waving at me, like he did with you. It just seemed like he was standing right in front of your gang for almost an entire minute, and you guys were all yelling and waving, very excited. I guess I could only see his back, but he looked like he was reading the sign and taking his jolly old time right in front of you! You still look great, by the way! :up:!

Maybe you didnt' get the elipse, but you had an awesome spot still! Couldn't have been better for GA floor! Look at the response you got from Adam!! Did you get some good photos? Mine are mediocre, not good enough to post really. Next time I go to a show I'm taking something way better!!

I have to say though, even though I thought the girl Bono pulled on stage looked like a sweet girl, and danced good, it didn't compare to your moment in MN! It was just more exciting and meaningful in a way. Although I was really happy for her that she got to have this gift on her bday!! Good for her.

Did you get there early enough to stand in line before the show and catch the band come out and greet fans? I havent' read anything from anyone about that yet, and I just didn't even try to get out to Omaha that early. I needed a good night sleep because I drove by myself from MN. I sort of wished I had contacted you to see if we could maybe ride together.

It's more fun to go with others. But I still had an amazing experience! I actually ended up talking with a group of guys sitting by me, who asked me if I was by "meself", and when I said yes, they were very nice and friendly. One of the guys his wife was from channel 7 and was reviewing the show for the news that night. They were a nice bunch and we were able to compare the Omaha experience with one guys previous show Zootv he saw in 92. He said this one was better according to him.

So what did you like best? I already wrote a review on another link and I'll post it here also. Let me know what were your highlights! Are you going to the Utah or OR one? I just can't afford it anymore, money or timewise. I wish I could be one of those people that seem to be able to follow them around like shadows. That would be incredibly fun, but my life doesn't allow me that luxury!! :mad:

Oh well: Here is my review of the show:

This was only my second U2 show ever. Was at MN in september, and this time was in the lower section by the side of the stage where Edge was. Really close, couldn't have been happier!

The crowd was electric! When they finished "where the streets have no name, the response from the audience was so strong, Bono had to cover his ears! He looked like he was blown away!
The energy was palpable where we were standing/sitting. So I do believe where you sit can really have an effect on your perception of the show, because if you are in a dead section, like others have mentioned before, (my daughters were in the MN show) you might just end up with a different perception of the whole show, and that is too bad.

1. loved loved loved I WILL FOLLOW surprise! I thought i was going to jump out of my skin. Sheer moment of pure joy!!. I'd been hoping they would play it!

2. Was completely enchanted with Bono's addition of "all I want is you" snippet at the end of One. I believe is the first time ever he sang it on this tour? correct me if I'm wrong. Love that!!!

3. Of course the stories: Bono's dad telling him to take his F..... glasses off when he talked to him, the Sarajevo story/beauty pageant (even though I'd heard it before), the difference the One campaign made, etc... the little girl he brought out of the audience and yelling "no more!!". he's so cute with kids!

4. He blew the house away when singing Miss Sarajevo. His voice was very strong. Also when he did his snippet of Torna A Surriento while walking back toward the stage (got to see him really close up, about 5 ft away only!)

5. Yahweh, so glad to hear that one again. Personnaly love the song.

6. Perfect timing picking a girl for WOWY who happens to have a birthday that very day! How many people wanted to be hugging and stroking Bono's hair? Not me?

7. Loved the "in alittle while" snippet at end of SHFWILF.

8. The audience around me seemed to go totally nuts when they played Pride, SBS, and WTSHNN. (actually, they seemd to go nuts for just about every song they played, it was a great section to sit in) For some of them, from what they told me it was their first show ever. I didn't know that U2 had not been to Omaha before. Oops.

9. The sound was great, the band was on fire. And I loved watching Bono trying to catch Edge while running around the circle and to the stage. Reminded me of their old symbolic "Bull/devil vs. Guitar battles" they had on the elevation tour during the song Until the end of the world. Would have liked to have seen that live. That was hilarious.

10. well as you can gather I LOVED the show. Drove out from MN to see it, but the whole ride home, blaring U2 music like I was still at the concert made the ride home of 6+ hrs fly. I'm on cloud nine, i'm totally "high" and don't ever want to come down again. If only that could be true!

Does anyone know how to stay on that "high"?

Bonosstagegirl 12-18-2005 01:56 AM

Well thanks for saying that my experience in MN was more meaningful and fun to watch. I am still in disbelief that it really happend to me. I think I will be on cloud nine for the rest of my life when it comes to that experience.

We drove down on Wednesday and the line started at 10pm, so we got in line at 10:30pm and it was brutally cold and windy. We were 15th and 16th in line. We ended up going to a 24 hour walmart to buy a tent and an air mattress. It was a rough night considering we only slept from 4am-6am. Thank god they decided to let us into the Qwest center at 10:30am on Thursday. It was all worth it once we got onto the main floor and the concert started.

My favorite part is hard to say, because there are so many that are my favorite. I was really happy to hear OOTS, and SIAMYCGOO. I liked his comment about before his father died when he would be sitting across the table from him and that is father would always say "Take off those f#*$ing sunglasses". I found that funny.

You definately could of rode down with us. We left the Twin Cities about noon on Wed and came back Friday and left Omaha about 11am. We stayed at the Hilton across from Qwest Center. No, this was my last concert as well. I went to four shows on this tour and that was enough. I wish I had the luxury of going to more, but due to work and funding that wasn't an option for me. Maybe next time they tour and will have a lot more money saved and I can go to more shows. Great review by the way.

How did you notice me that night. I guess I am surprised that peopled noticed me from the Mpls show. I probably had about 25 people recognize me and it just suprises me that someone would remember me from something that was almost 3 months ago.:happy: :happy:

thankyou 12-18-2005 02:15 AM

How did you notice me that night. I guess I am surprised that peopled noticed me from the Mpls show. I probably had about 25 people recognize me and it just suprises me that someone would remember me from something that was almost 3 months ago.:happy: :happy: [/B][/QUOTE]

I noticed you because you have very distinctive light blond hair, and I saw plenty of photos from the MN concert with you on stage rocking with the Bman. I also figured you would be in the front, and I was right!
You were brave to do the tent thing. I don't think I have such thick skin, but it sounds like you guys had a great experience.

Still wish the Bonoman was on a "waving" basis with me like he's with you!! Lucky lucky. Enjoy the moments. I don't want to think how many years it will take to see them again!! :sad:

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