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kurtnils 11-28-2005 04:33 AM

U2 tribute band guy/ New Member

kurtnils 11-28-2005 04:34 AM

Hello out HERE- I am new to the site- and Just want to say "hi". I am catching up on all my U2 knowledge as I am a member of newly formed U2 tribute band here in Northern Cal- You guys are awsome and this site is amazing-


hay 11-28-2005 08:23 AM

Hi and welcome! :wave:

Tilli 11-28-2005 08:25 AM


Bonochick 11-28-2005 10:27 AM

Welcome! :wave:

nbcrusader 11-28-2005 12:29 PM

:wave: Welcome!!

kurtnils 11-28-2005 01:31 PM

How do I get the smileys???

Carek1230 11-28-2005 02:52 PM

Hi and Welcome.....which band do you play for? Tell us about it, we can get some PR for you!

tiny dancer 11-28-2005 04:36 PM

A big WELCOME to you! :wave:

tuwie 11-28-2005 04:37 PM

the smileys should be on the left side of the reply form.

what's the name of your band?
i hope you like it here =)

kurtnils 11-28-2005 05:56 PM

Thanks for the smiley info...our bands temp site is myspace.com/u2tribute
We have only been together for a year and LOVE U2! We rescued the L'edge (little edge) from 10 years of playing by himself in his room (only 19) knows ALL versions from almost any tour....Its been a blast we have about 30 songs so far...

Carek1230 11-28-2005 08:28 PM

I like that, L'Edge! Very cool. Do you guys have any audio or video? We'd love to see or hear it. :wink:

kurtnils 11-28-2005 11:36 PM

How can I post our Demo here? The site wont let me put our URL for the website? We did WOWY/Vert/Pride/Bullett I would love for you guys to hear and give feedback-

tuwie 11-28-2005 11:53 PM

i think you need at least 15 posts here before you can post links.
can you upload them to your myspace and we can listen to them in the meantime, though =)
when you do get your 15 posts, you can upload your songs to www.you sendit.com [remove the space] or www.savefile.com and post the link so we can download ;]
i cant wait

kurtnils 11-29-2005 12:01 AM

They should be on our myspace account- we have had over 100 downloads in a couple weeks and 500 or so plays- so its working as far as I know- you may want to let the player fully load..sometimes its a little slow..

Carek1230 11-29-2005 02:50 AM

Thanks, I will go check it out. :wink:

kurtnils 12-01-2005 01:08 AM

We just put our new website up now..we are in Norcal where in the Sac area/central valley (Modesto)....thanks for checking us out!:wink:

kurtnils 12-01-2005 01:11 AM

I would put the new URL sufice it to say it has rattleandhumandband (in that order) in the URL... .com:eyebrow:

Carek1230 12-01-2005 02:02 AM

I checked it out. Nice site! You guys are on your way. I would like to get onto your mailing list. Keep us posted here in Interference too! I'm in No. Calif. on occasion and would love to check you guys out! :wink:

kurtnils 12-02-2005 03:19 AM

We are playing out soon check web site... we like to do live versions of songs tat s our angle....not studio versions...did you sign our guestbook?

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