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the rockin edge 11-15-2005 05:22 PM

DESCRIBE with snow melting on the ground

bonojr62 11-15-2005 05:23 PM

^started this

Tilli 11-15-2005 05:25 PM

<Describing, even with no snow melting on the ground

tiny dancer 11-15-2005 05:30 PM

^ missed you yesterday. :hug:

the rockin edge 11-15-2005 05:32 PM

^^I meant the snow here:wink:

tiny dancer 11-15-2005 05:41 PM

^ does not like snow, and I don't either.

redkat 11-15-2005 05:42 PM


<was sitting in the other thread :huh:

keep me posted on the ticket status tre :hyper:

wait till Zoot finds out :hyper:

the rockin edge 11-15-2005 05:44 PM

^will do :hyper:

<:hyper: :hyper:>

RedRocksU2 11-15-2005 05:47 PM

< LIkes the new thread!

redkat 11-15-2005 05:47 PM

you're hyper smilies remind me of something :giggle:

the rockin edge 11-15-2005 05:49 PM


hey RR


bono_gal 11-15-2005 05:50 PM

^ is reminded of something that makes her giggle

anadgemila 11-15-2005 05:50 PM

^^ likes the :hyper: smilie

Hey RR and BG :hug: :wave:

RedRocksU2 11-15-2005 05:50 PM

< Vegas?

(HI TRE and Dana!)

anadgemila 11-15-2005 05:51 PM

^ let's go right now! I could uses some fun :wink:

Who's on board for a Vegas run? :hyper:

redkat 11-15-2005 05:54 PM


Hi bg :hug:

haven't seen you in a while

the rockin edge 11-15-2005 05:54 PM


^^come to St Louis:wink:


RedRocksU2 11-15-2005 05:55 PM

< Mrs RR and her sister are going to Vegas this weekend:grumpy: ........without me!

:| ...I guess it's my turn to stay at home....

redkat 11-15-2005 05:55 PM


:hug: sorry

the rockin edge 11-15-2005 05:56 PM


redkat 11-15-2005 05:58 PM


the excitement is catching

anadgemila 11-15-2005 05:59 PM


Originally posted by the rockin edge

^^come to St Louis:wink:


Oh, Tre if only I could! :drool:

^^ RR sorry no Vegas for you :sad: :hug:

redkat 11-15-2005 05:59 PM

some of you have pm's:wink:

the rockin edge 11-15-2005 05:59 PM

I can't believe this might actually happen :hyper: :hyper: :hyper:

<going to eat dinner :wave:


impy13 11-15-2005 05:59 PM

but am I watching the DVD right now

redkat 11-15-2005 06:00 PM


i am seeing one more show :hyper:

impy13 11-15-2005 06:04 PM

Congrats! I'm, uh, I'm not so much

anadgemila 11-15-2005 06:05 PM

^ how's the DVD?:drool: :drool:

< me neither IMP

redkat 11-15-2005 06:08 PM

buying the dvd tonight :hyper:

timothius 11-15-2005 06:10 PM

o> :shifty:

anadgemila 11-15-2005 06:11 PM

^ lurking ...Hi :wave:

impy13 11-15-2005 06:12 PM


timothius 11-15-2005 06:12 PM

^ What is so dissapointing about it? :hyper:

Also IMP I have a confession... I bought a ticket for the second night of Coldplay. :drool:

RedRocksU2 11-15-2005 06:12 PM

< RK, you've got mail....Hi Tim!

anadgemila 11-15-2005 06:13 PM


Originally posted by inmyplace13
Please say you are joking! :sad:

impy13 11-15-2005 06:14 PM

Well I hate Hamish Hamilton and I don't think the mix is very good. That's most of it.

anadgemila 11-15-2005 06:19 PM

< hate when everyone goes to pm and leaves me :grumpy: '

:whistle: *in a little while...*

redkat 11-15-2005 06:20 PM

I was pm'ing you :grumpy:

tim :hyper: Hi glad to see you back
congrats on the coldplay tickets :hyper:

anadgemila 11-15-2005 06:21 PM

^ oh yeah huh :shrug:

timothius 11-15-2005 06:22 PM

< Will not be watching the Chicago DVD for quite some time. :crack:

redkat 11-15-2005 06:24 PM

waiting till U2 tours down under before he sees it

smart man timo :hyper:

<has overused the hyper smilies today i'm getting tired :yawn:

anadgemila 11-15-2005 06:25 PM

^ Smilie and no sleep will do that to you :wink:

timothius 11-15-2005 06:27 PM

^^ :lol: I wish.

< Wanting to stay out of bankruptcy after purchasing tickets. :hyper:

redkat 11-15-2005 06:31 PM



how much is the dvd? anyone know

anadgemila 11-15-2005 06:33 PM

^ we might have to put that smile to it's RIP after today :wink:

redkat 11-15-2005 06:40 PM

it's been bouncing since late last night :dancing:

anadgemila 11-15-2005 06:43 PM

^ :rolleyes:

You should try sleep...it really is a good thing (as Martha would say) :wink:

redkat 11-15-2005 06:50 PM

my smilie and I will sleep tonight I promise :hyper: :wink:

timothius 11-15-2005 06:53 PM

^ Rest is for the wicked. :macdevil:

anadgemila 11-15-2005 06:53 PM

<hope to be wicked :macdevil: one day

< sorry, I'm very :grumpy: today

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