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annj 05-09-2005 10:48 AM

lessons in love pt 25
“Gawd I had a bad opinion of the man before I met him… but I never realised what a real pathetic jerk he was” Bono ranted.

These past few weeks it had been agony to keep quiet about what had happened between him and Alex Jameson, but now Bono could not help letting of steam in front Seamus, who he knew, shared a common goal of despising Antonia’s father as much as him.

They were sitting in Seamus house, Bono had manage to get away from Dublin early and arrived in Donegal hoping to surprise Antonia, only to find she had gone shopping with Seamus niece Aileen and her mum Pat.

Bono had been a little disappointed, but Seamus had assured him that they would not be long, and poured them both a drink while they waited; it was when Seamus mention Alex Jameson Bono found himself unable to contain his secret any longer, and explained to Seamus about his meeting with Alex a few weeks before.

Seamus was furious when he heard the whole tale unfold.

“That man thinks he can trample over everyone... wish I had been there, I would have punched him right on the nose, and got great satisfaction out of doing it too”

“Bono grinned, “Believe me I was tempted myself”

Seamus frowned, “Do you think he will carry out his threat? Can he do you much damage?”

“He can try if he wants” Bono replied with a shrug, “But I done my own little bit of investigating into the support he claims he carries… funnily enough I wasn’t too surprised to find out the man is not as popular as he thinks with his political colleagues… in fact I met a few who thought their party would be better of without him so I am not so concerned with what he said he could do, and I don’t think my support will waver because of his so called threat”

“Well I am not particularly surprised, the only person who loves Alex Jameson is himself” Seamus retorted, “Still to stoop so low as to try and blackmail and bribe you over you charity causes. Has got to be the lowest of the low… he can’t stand Toni is no longer under his control”

“Yeah, well its not going to happen if I have anything to do with it” Bono stated then added

“I never mentioned any of this to Toni about meeting with her dad... I thought it best not too under the circumstances… so I would appreciate it if you didn’t say anything to her either”

“I won’t I prom-” Seamus started to replied only was interrupted as Antonia suddenly came through the door, her face looking a little drawn,

“Its alright Seamus doesn’t need to make that promise not to tell me… because I already overheard most of it already” she stated stiffly.

Coming back from the shopping trip after dropping pat and Aileen of, Antonia had returned to Seamus to find Bono’s car in the driveway much to her delight… she had decided she would surprise him by going around and coming in the back door, only as she was about to enter the living room to run into his arm she had overheard her father’s name being mentioned,

She had not meant to stand outside and listen, but catching some of the conversation had made her stop in her tracks and keep her arrival unannounced outside the door until she had heard the whole tale unfold, finding herself going from slightly disturbed to shocked dismay that Bono had lied to her and kept all this from her…and seemed intent on keeping it from her, like she was too fragile or incapable of handling it which she found patronising to say the least. She had not expected this from him of all people.

Bono looked suitably startled and rose from his chair to face her “Toni sweetheart we never realised you were back”

“So I gathered” Antonia replied, remaining unsmiling as she looked at him, “Still you seem to be having an interesting discussion about my father… and this meeting you had with him, you know the one you have decided to tell me nothing about” she finished meaningfully

Bono shifted uneasily, his blue eyes unable to meet hers... he then took a few steps towards her deciding to try and explain himself, “Look Toni, don’t be mad at me over this, if I didn’t want you to know it was for a good reason I didn’t want you upset and fretting.. I was trying to protect you”

“How? By lying to me? Keeping secrets from me?” Toni demanded, “Going behind my back and having this meeting with my father and you were never going to tell me… I can’t believe you done this Bono”

“I thought I was doing what was best” Bono replied suddenly feeling lame

Antonia snorted scornfully “Who was it best for? Me or yourself?”

She scowled at him and shook her head, “Y’know, that’s how its been all my life with men, thinking they know what best for me, treating me like some sort of imbecile who can’t handle anything herself, deciding what I can do and can’t do, what I should know and what I shouldn’t know… I thought you were different Bono, I honestly did. I thought you understood me… but now I am beginning to wonder”

“That is not how it was Toni” Bono protested earnestly “I hated not telling you… but I genuinely thought I was doing what was right for both of us”

“Shouldn’t I have been included in that decision?” Antonia demanded, “We are a couple, we both agreed it would be an open and honest relationship, and I had a right to know,

Bono had never seen her angry before, but she was venting it all out on him now as she continued….

“But the first chance you get I find you go behind my back, having this meeting with my father and decide shouldn’t know about it ... I am not a little child Bono, I am a grown woman, and I expect you to treat me like one… and I wish you would all stop thinking you know what is best for me because I am sick of it… and let me decide things for myself. You talk about my father controlling me... now you are trying to do the same… how could you?” she exclaimed hotly and turned and fled the room

Bono went to go after her but Seamus grabbed his arm, “Bono, Let her go… I think its best if we let her have some time to herself right now. My guess is the strain of all this is catching up with her finally; I think it would be better if we just let her cool of herself.

“Feck Seamus what the hell was all that about?” Bono frowned in annoyance, more with himself than at Antonia’s attack “I didn’t plan on doing this to hurt her… I love her and would do anything to keep her safe, I don’t want to control her… doesn’t she realise that?”

“Deep down I think she does” Seamus replied, “She is just a bit upset, she will come around”

“I hope so” Bono sighed, staring despairingly towards the doorway where Antonia had swiftly disappeared

Lady Val 05-09-2005 10:56 AM

Annj, I haven't been doing a very good job lately of posting comments. This story continues to be great and I'm looking forward to the next installment.

sami0201 05-09-2005 11:09 AM


This story continues to be great and I'm looking forward to the next installment.

Lemon3 05-09-2005 09:00 PM

ditto. I'm loving it.

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