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Lil'Bono 02-01-2005 08:07 AM

Another Day 3
Total crap, the only truth in it, is that my best friend is called kevin!!


''Nat, wat's up? You've been acting funny for a while now.''

''You wouldn't believe me if i told ya!''

''Try me! Is it guy trouble?''

''How did ya know that, am i that obvious?''

''Nat, i've known you all my life, i know you better than i know myself!! So come on, who is he?''


''Bono? Bono from u2? Natalie, fuck sake, it's a crush you've got on him. You need to get over it, you're not a kid anymore!''

''He asked me out ............ to dinner.''

''You wish!!''

''Kevin, i'm fucking serious!! He came to my work and asked me out. And i.......''

''And you wat? Ah Nat don't cry!! Come here, wat's up?''

''I turned him down!! Well, i didn't exactly turn him down, i just didn't give him an answer!!''

''Nat if wat you are saying is true.....''

''IT IS!!!''

''OK, i believe you!! You didn't you go for it?
Was he ugly? Was he nasty to you, cause if he was, i'll...''

''Kevin, he's gorgeous and he was so nice, but i just couldn't do it, because..''

''Because wat?''

''He's a rockstar and i'm nothing!!''

''Natalie, he may be a rockstar, but he is a human being under those sunglasses and leather trousers, not a god!!
The poor guy probably just wanted sumone to keep him company, make him feel normal and you ....... you've treated him the way everyone else does!!
Your a girl and he's a guy, you should go for it!!''

''I'll never see him again, he hates me!!''

''How could he hate you!! Come now, don't get down about it, you'll see him again, and this time you ask him out!!''


''Edge, i don't want to go in there!!!''

''Why? Wats up?''

''It's... nothing!! I'll just wait out here!''

''Wait a minute its her isn't it?''

''Who?'' Please don't say it!!

''Natalie, is this where you met her?''

''Yeah, she works in there.''

''Right, come on!!

''Edge, let go of me!! EDGE!!!''


''Wats goin on down there?''

''You're guys are in!!''

''My guys?''

''Yeah, you like u2, don't ya?''

''I luv them, especially Bono!!''

''They're downstairs!! Bono and the edge!!''

''WAT? Fuck, i've gotta go, if anyone asks you haven't seen me, ok?''

''Yeah, but don't yeah want to meet them?''

''Um, maybe sum other time, eh? I'm feeling......... sick!!''

''Damn, i thought we were never gonna get away from those women!!''

''Yeah, they couldn't keep their hands off you!! That blond one seemed really keen on you Bono.''

''Edge, i know wat you're trying to do, but it won't work, i still really like her. I think...''

''You think wat?''

''I think i.......love.... ''

Rite that's another shitty chapter done!!

Lil'Bono 02-04-2005 02:03 AM

i dont like where this is goin so i'm not gonna bother doin anymore!!!

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