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greenslimer 11-22-2004 11:22 AM

Has anyone here ever seen the band Simple Minds play in concert?
Especially front row...

Does Jim (the lead singer of Simple Minds) sing "live"? I mean, does
he really sing or use taped vocals stuff to mouth/mime/lip-sync to like some artists
do for some songs? How can you tell exactly? Does it seem like he
does?.. for those of you that have seen them live, or know anyone
who's linked.
I don't mean like Top of the Pops, or commercially released concert
video or whatever.. Just regular live concerts.

Also, has anyone ever met him?

Also, I know he and Bono are good friends, and eachother's bands.
I heard they have done some duets together during live shows in the early 80s. Does anyone know where I can maybe find some of these? And if U2 has ever released any officially?


Gina Katie, NYC

pax 11-22-2004 01:34 PM

This forum is FYM--Free Your Mind, for religious/political/social/historical discussion. Your question is better suited to Everything You Know Is Wrong, for General U2 Discussion. But I see you've already posted it there. ;)

FWIW, greenslimer, we do usually discourage "cross-posting"--that is, posting the same thing in 2 different forums.

Thanks, and welcome to Interference! Always nice to have some new blood. :wave:

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