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Community Rules
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Policies and Rules

Is posting private emails, Private Messages (PMs), chat logs, or Instant Message logs ok?
ONLY if you have the consent of the other party(s) involved in the communication in question. Posting of private communications without the consent of the other party(s) involved is reason to possibly have your forum membership terminated and to be suspended or banned from the forum. This also applies to any private communications which are to or from the site's staff whether they be posted here or elsewhere. In some places, posting of such communications without consent is considered illegal.

Why are threads closed?
There are many reasons why a thread is closed. The most common reason is that the thread has evolved into heavy bickering, name calling or other childish behavior. Personally attacking other members of the forum is unacceptable and may result in an individual warning to the members in question, which may ultimately lead to banishment from the forum.

If the thread has racial slurs or other derogatory comments it is subject to closing.

If there are other threads already on the same topic, it may be merged or closed ... depending on the situation.

If the thread has over 1000 replies, it may be closed due to size of the thread. Large threads are taxing to the database. Each time a large thread is opened/accessed or viewed it can put a strain on the server. Also it makes it easier to moderate and read through threads when they are not so big. In most cases it is ok to start a 'Part 2' of ongoing threads when they reach 1000 posts.

If the thread is exhausted, gone completely off-topic, or repeating the same arguments over and over and seeming to have reached its limit, it may be closed.

If the thread is posted in an 'instigating' or 'flaming' manner it may be closed.

If you see a thread that you feel is unacceptable or out of control you can use the "Report post" link in the avatar section of each person's post. If multiple members of the forum suggest to a moderator or administrator (in private) that they feel the thread should be closed, it may be discussed among the moderators and ultimately closed.

If a moderator or administrator posts in a thread to warn participants against continuing in a harsh or unacceptable manner, and the warnings are not acknowledged, the thread may be closed.

Please do not start new threads asking why a thread was closed. PM or email the moderator who closed the thread.

Starting additional threads with the same/similar subject of the closed threads (i.e. 'Spin-off' threads) is not allowed and may result in a warning/suspension from the forums.

What constitutes a post or thread worthy of being closed, deleted, or edited by the forum moderators?
Anything that is a personal attack (by personal attack, we also include yawns, rolleyes, etc. that are directly intended to annoy, or used excessively).

Topics that are dragged on or 'bumped' up for no legitimate reason or to start a fight/get a rise out of people...etc.

Quoting extremely long posts in full when responding only in part or quote the same post over and over again. This is considered spamming and you may receive a warning as well as having your post edited by a moderator.

Posting links with no context may be grounds to have your post deleted.

Cross-posting your topic in multiple forums is not allowed. Please just choose one forum to post your topic.

Anything that is "inappropriate" (overly sexual, excessive profanity, etc)

Anything that is defamatory towards another site, person, or organization.

Any posts or threads advertising your forum or website are unacceptable and considered spam, and will be deleted. A small text link to your personal website in your signature is acceptable. *Please note that advertising does NOT always mean that you are selling something. This also includes links to contests or fundraisers.

Also, the selling or advertising of unofficial merchandise is prohibited.

When selling items, please keep all items to one post rather than making separate posts to prevent clutter.

Selling merchandise, concert tickets, or any other items above face value is strictly prohibited.

Moderators and other 'staff' are included in this policy as well.

Arguing and debating are fine, just avoid the above and you'll be fine. Play nice

In addition, if someone wishes to start a thread to appreciate a specific band or album, please be courteous and do not start a flame war or bash that band or album in that thread. If you dislike a band or album, you may start your own thread voicing your dislike for that band or album.

*Please note: This is a privately owned and operated website. The moderating staff here can close threads for any reason they see fit.

What do I have to do wrong to get a warning or banned from the forum?
There are many reasons why you may be removed from the forum.

If you register on this forum solely to say negative things about U2 or other members of the forum, you may be immediately banned.

If you register on this forum solely to advertise your website, sell merchandise, or ask for money you will be warned and may be ultimately banned. *Please note that advertising does NOT always mean that you are selling something.

If you have been warned by the administrators on more than one occasion to not personally attack other members of the forum, or for any other reasons, and do not agree to comply, you may be banned. Name calling is absolutely not allowed. Members who do not listen to moderator/admin warnings and continue to carry on after a mod has warned them in the thread(s), may be temporarily suspended from one or all of the forums for a week or longer, depending on what they did and how they cooperate during the suspension.

If you were previously banned from this forum and attempt to register or post again, you will be immediately banned.

Attempting to use a duplicate account during your suspension will result in a longer suspension or permanent banning.

Any member sharing their Interference account with a banned member may be banned. Additionally, accounts should not be shared and members sharing accounts may receive a warning.

In general, using alters to violate Forum Rules/FAQs, voting multiple times in polls, as well as other common sense 'no-nos' will result in the banning of the alters and possibly the banning of the original username. Remember that alters are a privilege.

Members who have received 3 email or pm warnings from the mods or admin may be banned permanently from all forums.

If you personally attack a moderator or administrator in a harsh manner, you may be banned immediately.

Please do not alter other members' quotes. If this is done in a malicious or instigating way, member may receive a warning.

Abuse of the 'Report post' feature will not be tolerated. This feature is ONLY to be used to report posts that are spam, or are in violation of the FAQs/Rules. Abuse of any other forum features, such as the 'thread rating' feature, will also not be tolerated.

If you are trolling the forums you may be banned.

Trolling: In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response, or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. This also may also apply to our members who decide to 'troll' other forums. Should this lead to problems on OUR forum because of it, you may be banned.

*An "Internet troll" or "Forum Troll" or "Message Board Troll" is a person who posts outrageous or sarcastic messages to bait people to answer.

Personally attacking other members via pm on these boards may also result in a warning and/or suspension/banning from the forums.

Premium Membership subscriptions will not be refunded if you are banned.

*Please note: This is a privately owned and operated website. The moderating staff here (admins specifically) can remove any member for any reason they see fit.

What is unacceptable in PLEBA? (and the rest of the forum)
Posting about the band's "private parts" in any way will not be allowed. Any threads about the bands private parts, subtle or not, may be closed, and the author may receive a warning via pm or email.

Posting about the band's private life, questioning their marriages or sexuality is not allowed. Graphic sexual comments about the band in general will not be allowed. There is a level of decency and respect for the band we need to follow.

*Additionally, posting which hotels the band are staying at during tours or any other travels, is not allowed.

What is acceptable as Fan Fiction?
Fan Fiction is OK. Stories about the band.. you and the band.. even you kissing members of the band, is fine. However, nothing sexually beyond that will be acceptable. Graphic stories about you or any other girls having sex with the band will not be welcomed.

Slash is NOT OK. Stories about the band members making out with each other.. (a peck here and there is fine.. we all know they peck each other occasionally..) Band members in sexual predicaments with other band members or groupies, etc. will not be allowed.

You may post your Fan Fiction stories in the sub-forum 'Fan-Fiction', in the PLEBA forum.

What are the rules on sharing music/MP3's/posting links, etc.?
The moderators at Interference.com would like to remind you that the trading of any commercially released song is strictly against the rules. This is also true of any song for which the artist has not authorized reproduction/distribution.

Universal Publishing is starting to make the rounds on fan sites.... and is looking for reasons to shut the sites, or parts of them down. This is why there is no longer a U2 Lyrics Archive and U2 Guitar Archive.

Our opinions of whether or not this is okay have nothing to do with this; this is strictly a legal matter. Therefore, we cannot allow people to use the forums as grounds to trade commercially released songs, and/or anything that imposes on the copyright of an artist's material.

What you do in private, via PM or email, we have no control over, however we can't have 'active links' to copyrighted music, compositions, etc.

The same also applies to any pre-sale passwords distributed privately.

Interference Policy on posting download links/commercial material

Is file trading permitted?
The primary purpose of this forum is for discussion and community not file sharing links.

File trading of ANY copyrighted material is prohibited!

Please do not provide links to songs, commercial releases, or other copyrighted material on the forums.

Various file extensions specifically relating to the most common types of files to be illegally traded have been censored and/or will be altered in posts.

Also, domains/sites which continually provide illegal downloads will be censored if/when needed.

What you do in private is at your own risk. We do not support, endorse, or otherwise encourage the illegal trading of copyrighted material.

The same also applies to any pre-sale passwords distributed privately.

Are Blogs moderated?
The blogs at Interference are provided for the use of our members to share just about anything they want--experiences, feelings, stories, jokes, pictures, etc. As such, the blogs are not moderated on a daily basis. However, we do ask that certain standards of decency and respect are maintained in the blogs. Public blog entries (and comments) are not to be used for personal attacks on other members. Personal attacks perpetrated in a blog or blog comments are still against the rules and could result in a reprimand, loss of blog privileges, or a total ban from the forum.

In addition, 'spamming' or abusing the blog feature by posting an excessive amount of entries in a row may result in the loss of blog privileges and possibly a ban from the forums.

I was banned! Now what?
Well, first, you'd most likely not be able to read this right now. But if you are:

There was probably a good reason for it. If you feel you were unjustly banned, the best thing to do would be to take it up with Sicy or KhanadaRhodes. They're the only ones with the power to unban you, and were the only ones who could ban you in the first place.

PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP - Do I have to pay for membership through Interference?
Due to the high costs of keeping this site running, it is only fair to request that members help out by making a small annual donation in exchange for access to certain features. The cost is $15 (US) a year for Premium Silver and $25 (US) a year for Premium Gold.

Please see this link for a list of features for all member levels:


If you would like to purchase a premium membership subscription for another user please see the information in this thread:

Signature Policies
Please make sure your images are no larger than 500x120 pixels (Premium Gold) or 50 kb in file size. Anyone found violating these rules will be contacted privately and asked to edit their signature. If they do not, their signature will then be edited by a mod. If you turn around and edit it BACK to what it was...well, then you're asking for trouble.

Also, there are some other limitations as to what can go in your signature. Please refrain from advertising anything you have for sale, service, etc in your sig, and make sure there's nothing offensive in your sig. Anything that could be considered commercial/advertising and/or offensive is prohibited. A link to your personal website is acceptable. Members may not post affiliate links.

In addition, putting other members' quotes in your signature with the intention of mocking the member is frowned upon. Quotes from friends or members that have given consent are fine. If a member does not want their quote in your signature and asks for it to be removed, it will be removed by a moderator.

Tags can be added to threads by either the creator of the thread, or moderators and admins. When tagging your thread, please use tags that only pertain to the subject matter of your thread. Please use serious tags only. Tags are very beneficial to the forums and we ask that you do not abuse this feature. Any tags added that appear to be personal attacks will be removed and the member may receive a warning.

Changing usernames
Members cannot change their usernames once they register.
An admin may be able to change a member's username under certain circumstances:

If the username is long and stretches out the forum tables.
If a member wants to shorten it, take out letters or numbers.
If a member wants to shorten it to their nickname on the forums, and only if other members of the forum are already familiar with that nickname.
If a member accidentally registers with their full name and they decide that is not such a good idea.

Changing a member's username is up to the discretion of the admins. Normally the username change should be similar to the current username. We will not completely change a username to something else just because you don't like your username. It has to be pretty obvious to others that it is the same person. This would be far too confusing for everyone.

If you want to change your name completely you would need to re-register a new account. If you are a Premium Member and you want to register a new username, your Premium Membership can be transferred to the new account.

Disabling/Deleting accounts
We normally do not delete member's accounts. We may delete accounts that have no posts. If the account has many posts, completely deleting the account can significantly disrupt thread continuity. In that event, we may (if requested and at our discretion) disable your account. When we disable your account we do the following:

Remove signature content
Remove any info from the profile that might be identifying or replace it with fictitious info
Remove all subscriptions
Remove avatar
Remove e-mail address or alter as well as personal web site info
Change account options to refuse PM's and E-mails from users and admins
After doing all this - ban account

Where you make use of the communication features to share information with other individuals, however, (e.g., sending a personal message to another Forum user) we generally cannot remove such communications. Also, if someone quoted your post, the original user name will be shown as having been quoted (which we cannot purge). If you would like to disable your account, please use the contact us form at the bottom of the page to make this request.


If we feel the guidelines are violated we may remove, edit or delete posts and if necessary ban or remove members. Any abuse toward our administrators or moderators may result in immediate suspension of your account. Complaints about a moderator's decision regarding a particular post are not be made in posts; instead send a private message to a moderator. If a moderator deletes or edits one of your posts and you disagree with the action, contact the moderator concerned. Do not repost deleted material.

This forum is largely self-policing, which means that moderators will respond and react to problems reported through the REPORT POST option, via the CONTACT FORM at the bottom of each page, or via PM. Do not hesitate to use these tools to report any problems regarding the forum.

Someone has to interpret the above guidelines and how they apply to this forum. Ultimately it's up to our site moderators and administrators to make this decision. If you have any questions about these guidelines, please feel free to contact a moderator or administrator. Thanks to everyone for keeping the tone appropriate for a group of friends, at least the vast majority of the time. Please keep it up!

Registering and participating at Interference constitutes agreement to abide by these rules and to abide by the Social Knowledge Network Terms of Service (Social Knowledge is the company that owns this forum) We reserve the right to modify these rules at any time without giving prior notice to you.

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