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Review: Jet “Shine On” in Boston*


By Kimberly Egolf, Editor

“Hello Boston!” wailed Nic Cester with characteristic rock ‘n’ roll aplomb as Jet took the stage of Boston’s Avalon Ballroom on Thursday, May 10th.

Hoisting beer-holding fists high into the air, the enthusiastic crowd cheered as Cester strapped on his electric guitar and mounted the massive bank of speakers at stage left. Towering over the crowd, Cester wielded his guitar like a weapon, finally breaking the anticipation with an ear-splitting feedback howl that launched the band into their set. A five-song opening salvo seamlessly blended rock anthems from both of the band’s albums, while also showcasing Jet’s musical pedigree.

The single “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” displayed the band’s ability to sing four-part harmony, as well as singer Nic Cester’s stunning capacity to produce visceral rock ‘n’ roll howls from deep within himself – howls which would only become more intense throughout the rest of the evening.

Not to be outdone by his brother, drummer Chris Cester assumed lead vocal duties on the song “Holiday.” Masked in aviator sunglasses, hair blowing wildly in the invisible breeze from a hidden fan, the drummer belted out the rebellious anthem with the conviction of a preacher exorcising demons. Together with Mark Wilson on bass, the two rattled the walls of the Avalon as the elated crowd roared along with every word.

(Jet photo: Kimberly Egolf)

A crowd surfer tried to ride the waves of this enthusiasm during “Take It or Leave It” but was quickly dropped when the band mysteriously left the stage, letting the roaring of the crowd replace their gut-rattling music. The mysterious disappearance was quickly resolved, however, when Nic Cester reappeared cradling an acoustic guitar. After a quick tune-up, he quietly began strumming the opening chords of the bittersweet ballad “Move On.” Chris Cester again featured on vocals as the brothers performed an intimate rendition of the song. Guitarist Cameron Muncey’s perfectly understated electric guitar work and bassist Mark Wilson’s scathing harmonica solo subtly complemented the emotional performance.

( Chris Cester photo: Kimberly Egolf)

After an audience sing-along during “Look What You’ve Done,” it was back to the hard rockin’ with the song that made the band an international sensation in 2003. Grinning widely, Wilson savored his biggest moment of the evening as he thumped out the distinctive bassline of “Are You Gonna Be My Girl.” The audience sang along word for word until Nic Cester stopped the song cold, letting the crowd’s anticipation build to a fever pitch before howling out the question on everybody’s lips: “Well I said…. Are you gonna be my girl?” The answering cheer from the audience almost brought down the house.

Blasting through four more tunes, the band wrapped up the main set with an all-out jam on “Get Me Outta Here.” The screams and howls, the loud music, and Nic Cester’s impromptu trip to the bar in the middle of “Cold Hard Bitch” all declared – if you hadn’t already felt the rattling in your bones – that Jet were putting on a proper old-school rock ‘n’ roll show.

Even earlier, that show began when New York band The Virgins opened this rock ‘n’ roll evening clad in ratty t-shirts and ripped jeans. The band played a short but impressive set of songs from their forthcoming debut EP. Their music showed an impressive array of influences: the song “Rich Girls” (available for download on the band’s MySpace site) featured a laid back, funk groove; “One Week of Danger” held traces of classic T-Rex; and “Radio Christiane” was reminiscent of slower tracks from bands like The Libertines and Razorlight. Yet these influences blended together well to produce an intriguing and unique sound – one that merits further attention by critics and fans alike. With a little more support and exposure, this band just might be the long-awaited American answer to the recent British invasion of post-punk guitar bands.

As the evening drew to a close, Jet played a three-song encore, headed by a solo Nic Cester singing “Shine On” in tribute to his deceased father. As the band took a humble bow, clapping for the audience and showering them with swag from the stage, faint strains of the Carly Simon classic “Nobody Does It Better” could be heard emanating from the speakers. Though often criticized as formulaic and repetitive, there’s no denying that Jet have found a formula that works. Delivering great rock tunes and shows, Jet has consistently provided the public an alternative to overproduced pop songs and emo power ballads. Their popular second album and the current tour show that Jet is here to stay. In the band’s own words: “How they gonna stop us now?”

For more information about Jet, visit
For more information about The Virgins, visit

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jet is gross.

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Jet ARE great.
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