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What changes would you make to the next ipod?

Today I was thinking I’d like it if there was a quicker why to change between the menus when I’m using my ipod. For example if I have it on shuffle all songs but decide I want to hear more of the album or artist of a song that comes up it’d be nice to not have to do all that clicking and scrolling to get to where I need to be. I also think it would be nice if when you are scrolling to an artist or song title, they had a way were you could go to an alphabet menu and say which letter you wanted to get to.

Another thing I’d add to the next ipod is a built in FM transmitter (THAT WORKS), because I use mine in the car all the time and it’d be easier than fumbling with the little attachment.

If Apple was listening to you what changes would you tell them to make to the next ipod?

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have the wheel in the middle for volume and to select songs on a list, but have a seperate button for Menu, play/pause,skip etc

cos i find it annoyin how you have to press and hold play and sometimes it wont turn off, and starts playing everything, so even an extra power button!

plus i find the FM attachment too expensive! 40 odd quid!

interchangeable faces! like you can with the ipod shuffle i think, where you buy an ipod and can chage the skin as it were, from say plain black to the English flag for the world cup, or specially made faces for U2 etc
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