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The Last Days Of Analog TV -all the info you need to know.

On February 17, 2009, analog television signals—the mode of TV delivery since the 1940s—will be completely replaced by digital. Here are the basics behind this monumental change, and what it means for TV viewers.

Digital vs Analog
Simply put, a digital signal is an improvement over analog. Analog signals are susceptible to interference or "noise." Digital signals are more efficient, providing better picture and sound, and the opportunity to broadcast multiple content streams.

After the switch to Digital,I'll need a HDTV to watch TV.

Any Digital TV (DTV) will receive Digital signals. HDTV is just one type of DTV-although the most popular-offering superior picture quality over non-HD sets.

Big Broadcast changes;
How dramatic is the digital transition? Eighteen broadcast channels—52 through 69 on the UHF band—will no longer exist. Since digital delivery frees up space, TV broadcasts along those frequencies will be discontinued. Roughly 145 stations in the US currently use those channels, and nearly all will continue on digital channels.

What will it mean to you when stations and providers cease analog signals in February 2009? That depends on the equipment you use to watch television.

There's no need to do anything if:

You subscribe to digital cable TV
You subscribe to satellite TV programming, like DirecTV or DISH Network
You receive over-the-air TV signals with an antenna and digital TV, or antenna and digital tuner.

You'll want to take action if:

You have an analog TV and receive signals via antenna. In this case, you'll need to purchase a converter box to watch digital programming

The good news:
The government is offering converter box coupons worth $40 each. To learn more and see if you're eligible, visit the TV Converter Box Coupon Program website.

Simple facts about digital TVs:

Any TV shipped after March 1, 2007 must include a digital receiver
There may be some new televisions shipped before March 1 that don't include a digital receiver. In that case, the box must have a sticker explicitly saying so TVs without digital tuners aren't necessarily "old." For instance, some HDTV models from 2006 are "digital ready"—they'll display digital signals, but only when connected to digital cable or a digital receiver. For these, you may see phrases like "digital monitor" or "HDTV monitor" on the box

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Our crappy 19" CRT TV is already receiving digital cable. Now we don't even have an excuse to buy a new TV.

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As one who still rocks the rabbit ears, I'm gonna have to look into doing something.
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Our switchover in the UK starts this year and finishes in 2012. It is being switched over by each region of the country in turn. My area switches over between October and December 2008.

Good excuse to buy a new HDTV.

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my country still doesn't defines for a Digital way.... we're still waiting if it'll be the US, Euro or Japanese form of Digital TV
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