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Dell Power Adapters

They are crap. Anyway, I have an Inspiron 1545 and my adapter is on it's last legs, where it works then it doesn't. I need to buy a new one but don't feel like spending $60 plus tax when it's just going to break in a year again anyway.

Has anyone ever bought them with success from other places? There are a bunch on Amazon for between $15-35 but I can't tell what is legit.

Help please!

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IMO, the generic ones are not as good, do not last as long. Power adapters are one of the few things where I buy the name brand, model-specific from the manufacturer. I work in IT and my specialty is working on laptops. The majority I work on are Dells (that's what most students buy these days). Normally what I see with off-brand adapters or generic ones that come with various fittings so they work with a range of laptops are that they don't fit (literally) really well, so the connection comes loose a lot sooner. Now this does also depend on the laptop; the older HP Pavilions always had this problem because they have the thinner power adapter so it's easy for the female end on the cord to get messed up or the male pin on the motherboard to get jammed or come loose. The Dells I know of 1525 and newer all have thicker adapters/connections but I do still see this problem on a fair number of Dells. The laptop I had before this one (HPs) had the name-brand adapter it came with and then a generic brand that I found and no one claimed. After a while, the computer didn't even recognize that the generic brand adapter was connected, or it took a good deal of wiggling.

If your computer is under warranty that should cover the adapter. My last computer had a 3 year warranty and the week before it expired I got a new battery and power cord covered under the warranty.

When I bought my current computer I bought a second power adapter with it. I don't like paying the full price either but I figured what's $65 when I'm already forking over $1500.
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