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Old 10-02-2002, 06:31 PM   #61
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I still dont get it. The thread was closed because something COULD HAVE happened? So if I was a mod and thought that a thread on free speech MIGHT get out of hand I would close it?

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please, someone shut this thread down. all thats said has been said enough times already. do we need to keep repeating over and over again??

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no. the thread was closed because it did not fit the criteria of fym. did you read my post explaining this? here it is again for you:

that's funny i smell something else. the original thread was deleted. the "where's my thread" thread was posted. i had not seen the original thread, and since i wasn't TOLD it was deleted, i assumed it combusted, which although rare, does happen in the new. when i replied "i don't know what happened" i was being honest. i do not lie. i urged her to re-post the link. i never said "re-post, i guarantee nothing will happen."

so when i looked and saw what the thread was i was shocked, but was ready to let it stay until i saw the "no discussion" contingency. and that, frankly, is the exact opposite of what the forum is about. i don't care if we talk about abortion in here. one of my first posts was about abortion, and it stayed with something like 41 replies. it was not a link saying where someone can get an abortion, it was an OPEN DISCUSSION (funny how "discussion" is in that description), so it stayed.

the reason for the closing of the second thread was that it did not fit the criteria of fym, nor any other sub-forum of interference. propagandizing abortion clinics is not welcome on this board. if you have an issue with that, then i will reiterate that this forum is a privelage and you don't need to be here if you hate it so much. and sparkysgrrls tone was argumentative, which since she has been lurking so long, she should know not to take with a mod.

i don't understand how you can argue that a thread throwing a link out about where to get an abortion and a thread throwing a link out about corporate farming are no different. one is information, one is propagandizing. the effort to make a discussion was too little too late, so the second thread was closed.

that is, was, and will always be the decision. i hope you can see the process that lead to the closing of the thread.



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