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Old 11-12-2001, 05:04 PM   #1
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About 10 years ago I saw my Grandmother in a dream and she had a huge smile on her face. 5 days before that she had a massive stroke. The next morning I woke up to the news that she had passed away.


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A few years ago I had a dream that a guy I had a crush on was actually going out with a girl I was afraid--but wasn't sure--that he liked. Two days later I found out that they were in fact going out.

I don't really attach any importance to this kind of thing. I just think it's weird how these coincidences happen sometimes. In the above case, the situation was on my mind--I just happened to get confirmation almost right after.

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Old 11-13-2001, 02:54 AM   #3
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weird parapsychologic stuff-does it ever happen to you?

It happened to me twice. Very few people actually know about it.

1) Years ago, my Dad went on a holiday with his friends. While he was away, one night i dreamt a millionaire hit him on the head with a sandal. I told Mum about it and she said we should ask him if anything happened when he gets back.
So he gets back, and voila: one of his friends DID hit him on the head with a sandal (by accident), and this friend had just sold a house.(perhaps this explains the "millionaire" thing)

2) This is from about 2 years ago. I dreamt i was in a room with my Granny and Mum. Suddenly, my Granny just falls down on the floor and my Mum says: "She's gone." (as in, she's dead)
Next morning, at breakfast, me and Mum had learned my aunt died of breast cancer. My Dad speculated she might have died at the time of night i had the dream.

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Believe it or not...I had a dream last night I was eating a sandwich...and guess what?? Paul bought me a sandwich to work today!!!

Coincidence???????? Hmmmmmmmmm..........
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Old 11-14-2001, 12:12 PM   #5
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that's just freaky BV

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Old 11-14-2001, 01:19 PM   #6
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I have a friend I work with who has been having this reoccuring dream all her life of planes crashing in to buildings. Then we were at work across the street from the Trade Center on Sept. 11. The weird thing is about two nights after that, she had the dream again. Don't know what that means.

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Old 11-15-2001, 11:28 AM   #7
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Originally posted by sharky:
I have a friend I work with who has been having this reoccuring dream all her life of planes crashing in to buildings. Then we were at work across the street from the Trade Center on Sept. 11. The weird thing is about two nights after that, she had the dream again. Don't know what that means.
If she's had the dream all her life I would say it doesn't mean anything.

Myself, I experience deja vu generally a couple times a week. The feeling is bizarre, but I find it even stranger that it happens to me so often. Seems to be a neurochemical action in the brain which triggers that feeling I get.

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Old 11-15-2001, 11:49 AM   #8
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My dreams are pretty trippy. I used to have recurring dreams about tornadoes. They used to be really frightening, but, by the end (within the last year), they weren't even scary anymore. Then it just ended on it's own.

The last few years, I've dreamt mostly of non-existent places and non-existent people, but, in my dreams, it is as if I've known them my entire life. These people, too, look nothing like anyone I've ever known.

Most recently, it's been dreams of the dead visiting me, and, funny enough, they've been like lucid dreams, where I know I'm dreaming. I treat these as visitations in my dreams, and, what still strikes me today, is that it feels like I'm actually touching them and they even have the same scents like they were when they were alive.

I also used to dream about heaven, purgatory, and hell. Most interesting is that I still remember these visions very vividly. Heaven, in my dreams, is completely spectacular beyond all description. I remember feeling good constantly just for no reason at all, and, honestly, if my vision of heaven is actually the real heaven, you'll love it. Purgatory was monochromatic and empty. You feel at a loss, but you don't necessarily feel bad. It was like the people there were directionless and had nowhere to go. Hell, most definitely, was the worst. It had this eerie constant darkness / brightness to it, and you're constantly uptight and anxious. It was the ultimate mental torture, and the constant emptiness I felt in purgatory was exponentially higher in hell. What's most interesting is the fact that, if my dreams are true, you aren't conscious of the fact that the place you are in is heaven / purgatory / hell. You just know that you are "here."

Heh...I'm sure most of you might think I'm psychotic for having these dreams, but dreaming is the source of my creativity and, most definitely, my source of depicting emotion in my writing. I wouldn't have it any other way.


"He had lived through an age when men and women with energy and ruthlessness but without much ability or persistence excelled. And even though most of them had gone under, their ignorance had confused Roy, making him wonder whether the things he had striven to learn, and thought of as 'culture,' were irrelevant. Everything was supposed to be the same: commercials, Beethoven's late quartets, pop records, shopfronts, Freud, multi-coloured hair. Greatness, comparison, value, depth: gone, gone, gone. Anything could give some pleasure; he saw that. But not everything provided the sustenance of a deeper understanding." - Hanif Kureishi, Love in a Blue Time
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I've found the lucid dreams where you know you're dreaming to be some of the strangest. That doesn't happen to me as much these days, but when I was younger I experienced those a lot. Very bizarre.

I vividly remember a dream where I was in a neighborhood filled with monsters. Some were good and helped me, but most were after me. At some point in the dream I realized where I was...and that's just so strange. I went from being scared to not knowing what to think. I wasn't afraid because I knew it was a dream, but I remember feeling anxious because although I was dreaming, I couldn't wake up.

Strange indeed.
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Old 11-17-2001, 02:46 AM   #10
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I have had a recurring dream about falling out of an airplane for most of my life. That in itself wouldnt be considered odd, but the thing is it is an extremely vivid dream....and detailed. the dream starts,I am on the outside of the plane in flight, hanging on to the tail or wing for dear life. i lose my grip, and plummet torwards earth. I can literally FEEL the sensation of falling, in my semi concious state! I am on my back, i turn and look over my left shoulder and i can see the earth, the grassy hills, brown earth, green fields, etc. I get closer and closer to earth, then BAM - just as i am about to hit the ground, maybe just a fraction of an inch from it, i wake up with a tremendous jolt.
Some have told me that this is either a premonition, or evidense of a past life experience. I am madly in love with planes, aprticularly military aircraft, and yet i am afraid to fly. Perhaps this could mean i was a pilot in my former life,lol.

Although i read in a book recently that dreams of flying mean a lack of sexual experience.... Bwah ha ha ha ha!!!

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Old 12-05-2001, 06:56 PM   #11
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I have a reoccurring dream that I die in a car crash at a specific intersection (that I use daily) the January before I graduate high school (that would be next month...). We'll see.

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Old 12-06-2001, 12:05 AM   #12
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my dreams usually come true most of the time in one way or another. i once dreamt that my mother died in a car accident. this dream was so real, and detailed. very specific. it freaked me out so much when i woke up i told my mother about it. we both decided to pray that minute. later on that evening she comes home from work telling me that she was almost hit by a big rig truck and she had almost hit a bunch of people crossing the street trying to miss the truck. she was pretty shaken up about it. another dream that i had was when my grandmother passed away. the next day i found out she died in her sleep. this is only a few of alot of the dreams that i had that came true. i could keep typing them up on here but that would take all night and you guys would think im a freak or something crazy like that so maybe i should shut up while i'm at it hehe..

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In 1990, I had a dream that my mom's mother died of a long bout with cancer. I was sitting at my mom's kitchen table, watching her sob uncontrollably. I never told anyone; it was one of those very real dreams that stick with you night and day. I couldn't shake the image for weeks, but eventually got over it. It was kind of ridiculous, because my grandmother had never been sick a day in her life.

She died of leukemia in 2000, after fighting it for 4 years.

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well, I usually don't tell this sort of thing to strangers, but we are friends here right?

ummm... where to begin.

I get deja vu and dreams of things to come quite often, every few months I guess.

I also, many times things that come into my life, I already have an imperical knowledge of. For instance, I just started UCF this past summer and the campus library is pretty big, five stories or so. When I entered it for the first time, I knew exactly where everything was. I hadn't even dreamt about it before hand, I just knew what floor to go to and what exact shelf to go to without looking at directories or shelf numbers. I also knew exactly what hall sand little nooks and crannys there were in the building.

Other than that I've seen a few ghosts, or at leasts what appeared to be ghost. My house was haunted for a bit. I've been in a few other haunted houses. and there's other paranormal stuff too.

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Old 12-08-2001, 01:02 AM   #15
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I think my mom's house was haunted for a while. We bought it when I was a junior in high school; the man who'd lived there for like 50 years had died, and we bought the place from his relatives.

I dreamed about the place before we moved in. Not much, I just remember coming down the stairs into the front room--a view I couldn't possibly have seen without having been in the house.

There was a workshop down in the basement that had obviously been used by Mr. Moseley. For years, I was afraid to go down there--I would get this image of the guy working at the bench, tinny oldies coming out of an AM radio on the shelf. It gave me chills! Eventually it stopped.

Thanks, Hermes, your mention of haunted houses reminded me of this.

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I frequently dream about things one night that actually happen the next day...sometimes it's pretty freaky and I get deja-vue really badly. But other times it's kinda cool to think that I knew it would happen...

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Geez, I have deja vu ALL the time.

I swear I have U2 Psychic powers. Not even joking.
1. The morning of the day Bono's daddy died (before I even knew) I had this *need* To listen to ATYCLB and decided to listen to Kite first

2. The morning of 9-11 I listened to Peace on Earth (I have NO idea why)

*is vibed out* I have evil psychic powers! I want to use them for good!

*wills Bono to me*

Seriously, vibes me out sometimes. Stuff I see in dreams happens, too. Little things.

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i ofton hae dreams that come true

once i dreamt my guinea pigs died, when i woke up they were dead.
i dreamt my grandma was very ill the next day she suffered a massive stroke.
the other week i dreamt my pregnant step mother would loose her baby,the other day i got a phone call saying she was rushed into hospital and she nearly lost the baby,and she still could.
i have had more dreams like this and i hate it,i can always sense bad things are going to happen,i couldnt tell my dad about my dream about my step mum as he dosent believe in this stuff,and a part of me feels guilty because if i had made him believe my unborn baby brothers life wouldnt be at danger!!!!!

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I have U2 ESP

and about two years ago I woke up in the middle of the night and had a pain in my stomach. I went to the window and there was an ambulance outside a friends house. The next day I found out she had been in labour and now had a beautiful little girl

It's happened to me alot. Oh and anytime I am in a really happy mood when I am at home I know someone or someones pet is going to die because it's happened atleast 10 times now out of 10 so.....

There's more but I can't remember it all
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Old 12-16-2001, 02:50 AM   #20
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Thought this thread died already...

Miss MacPhisto: i have similar reocurring dreams.
I jump from a cliff on a very high mountain, i fall slowly down to the ground, face down (not scared at all), and just as i'm about to hit the ground, the dream ends.
I have no idea what it means.


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