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We Can't Call Them Suicide Bombers Anymore

This is pretty darn freaky.

Source: http://answering-islam.org.uk/Index/...de_bomber.html

Some claim that "suicide bombers" are against Islam, since SUICIDE is forbidden in Islam, even one of the major sins. Why then do these attacks happen on such a regular basis? Why are those people celebrated as martyrs?

The puzzle is solved by recognizing that "suicide bomber" is simply a false terminology.

The purpose of these people is not to kill themselves. They wish to kill the enemies of Islam, and in their view the most effective way to kill as many of their enemies as possible is to do it in this particular way. Their own death is accepted as a necessary sacrifice.

Any suicide bomber whose belt blows off before he reaches the enemy, who is killed without doing damage to others will be considered an utter failure. They and many other Muslims believe that they are not rewarded for simply dying, but for dying as a means for killing. They are martyrs because they died in the fight against the infidels and enemies of Islam.

For this reason the term "suicide bomber" is an utter misnomer. People who commit suicide want to kill only themselves, not others. Most people who commit suicide do so because they see no more purpose in life, because they lost all hope and often their faith in God.

These people, on the other hand, have a very definite goal in their life and death: To establish the rule of Islam. Their action is outgrowth of their strong faith in Islam, their confidence and conviction that this is what pleases God, and will be rewarded by him.

The action of these Muslims has nothing to do with suicide, but with homicide, and the goal is to kill and to instill terror in the hearts of the enemy.

Suicide is committed mostly out of personal despair by persons feeling utterly lonely, nobody seems to understand them ... The Muslim terrorists who blow up bombs strapped to their bodies in school busses, drive cars full of explosives into police stations, or fly planes into buildings act from within a tight community. Their action is well-planned by a group of like-minded people, and they are meticulously trained for their killer operation. It is one element in a larger concept of what they consider to be a military operation, even though they are mostly aimed at "soft targets" and most victims are civilians.

Many Muslim jurists have justified this course of action as an acceptable means of fighting in Islam. There is nothing unislamic about it.

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I make a point wherever possible to use the term suicide homocide bombers, I don't care a jot about the bastard who kills themselves it is the victims of such evil that deserve to be remembered.

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glory to allah bombers?

Trying to use the term "martyr" is the most misleading.

A martyr is one who dies for not renouncing their faith. Not one who kill for the sake of eliminating unbelievers.
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Well thats on a good day, now you are more likely to see these bastards reported as being "activists" in Associated Press. Although I must say that they used the T word recently when an Israeli citizen was tried and convicted of terrorism offenses in an Israeli court, but those who massacre innocent children, women and men by the dozen retain the priveledge of being "matyrs" in the eyes of the international community, they are innocent victims of the Israeli's who were driven to kill and all of this doublespeak and pure blindness to both the motivations of the terrorists and the ideology of the PLO Arabs in the media makes one want to scream.
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