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Was this news readers revolt against the farce that is "celebrity" justified?

First off, I apologise if this has been posted before:

Finally! Some one is making a stand against these over indulged wasters!

Or am I mistaken, and this newsreader is nothing more than self publicist, in which case making her no better.........?

When you think about the war in Iraq, global warming and all the other problems this planet has to face up to. Isn't it about time this type of celebrity was just brought out of their boxes once a year and then put back until the next Oscar ceremony comes around?

Does anyone know if she was fired? I think she should be promoted!

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That's Zbigniew Brzezinski's daughter actually...I doubt she'll get fired, as the network itself is now airing clips of it, as well as of one of her co-anchors 'interviewing' her about it, which is pretty surreal.

I don't watch TV so I'm not familiar with her nor the show, but my guess is the subversive glory of her 'revolt' is probably somewhat offset in the big picture by the show being lousy and even less professional than she was to begin with.

The Independent, I think it was, had a commentary on this in which the writer managed to link it first to what she saw as the unbearable boredom and lack of distinction of the New York Times, which she in turn linked to the Times having swallowed the Bush Administration's Iraq/WMD propaganda wholesale, which in turn supposedly ties back to Mika Brzezinski's tantrum hopefully heralding a new American hunger for a 'fiercer' media. An overblown-through-to-bizarre series of connections I thought, the Times has its flaws, but being the sort of establishment that might lead with a Paris Hilton story to begin with is not among them.

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New Yorker
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Thanks for that. It's all over the headline news here in the UK. How ironic that one of our top stories is about a newscaster complaining about their top stories... well, you know what I mean.
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Re: Was this news readers revolt against the farce that is "celebrity" justified?

Originally posted by sallycinnamon78

I think she should be promoted!
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I saw that online, I have never seen that "morning Joe" show but I got the impression that was sort of staged as a comedy routine of sorts. Anderson Cooper did everything but tear up a script when he had to talk about Paris after the Larry King interview- he was so snarky and sarcastic, it was great tv He made it crystal clear that he despised having to do it.

And seemingly it wasn't just in the USA that this Paris story took precedence over important news, I saw a newsreel in which they interrupted the news in several countries including England (which was covering flooding) for the story of Paris getting out of jail. All news has become infotainment, and it is depressing. Will it ever change? I guess we have to stop watching it and lower the ratings.
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