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"War with Iraq..."'s bastard brother:

I know this is a kinder friendlier FYM, but there is something I do not understand.

After September 11, the US government swore to eradicate terrorism. Since that date, I have found what they have done to be completely hypocritical.

The following ideas from the mind of ouizy will probably been seen as ignorant, simple, zionistic, and crude, but I do not care.

The headlines, gossip, and rumblings from the US and its respective newspapers and news programs all have to do with the Bush administration's wanting to invade Iraq, or at least remove Saddam from power. As I agree that Saddam is a bad bad man, I think the government is missing a far more important mission and goal, and that is saving Israel.

It seems like there is no real "end game" with all these plans to invade, destroy, and change Iraq. I can very briefly describe an endgame in Israel however. Creating a country where people can live in peace without the fear of going to lunch, class, or to see family and getting blown up.

Now the other side of the coin (and one I believe in) is creating a country, state, province for the Palestinians. Not the Palestine we so commonly hear about, but a legitimate modern country. There will never be peace in the middle east if the Palestinians continue to try to get what they demand. Palestine as described by texts hundreds and thousands of years ago is unattainable, and not possible. What is possible, however, is to put religion aside for the moment and think about a modern day Palestinian state ruled by Palestinians and occupied by Palestinians. this is where I think they are missing the point.

Hamas, Martyr Brigades etc... are terrorist organizations that are based on the naive belief that at some point through violence they will be able to take over, or persuade Israel to accept Palestine the way it was years and years ago. This is simply ignorant. This will never happen, and as a result they will achieve nothing but death and destruction by their actions. Why not fight for a REAL Palestine, one that their people would be proud of.

This brings me to my solution, or at least what I think should happen. As much as I think Iraq has the possibility of using weapons of mass destruction agains many of its neighbors (more specifically Israel) I think they should not be our primary target. As we have seen this week, Hamas is no longer targeting Jews and Israelis in their ludicrous bombings, they are simply going after people who live in freedom. Five Americans were killed this week by a bomb triggered by a cell phone. A CELL PHONE. Hamas, did not know who their target was, or where they would be from. That is the point, they are now killing themselves and others in random acts of violence for violence's sake. I pity the poor bastard followers of these groups who believe they will reach heaven, or be some kind of martyr by blowing themselves up. All these groups do is use humans as bombs, and could give a shit less what the outcome is. Does anyone see the aging leaders of these groups going in themselves with bombs strapped to them? No they use virile 20 something's to carry out their violence for violence's sake and brainwash them to believe they will get something out of it.

The US' primary target should be these groups. If Israel is able to put a rocket from an F16 through the window of a Hamas leader's apartment, the US/Israel combined special forces should be able to bring these groups down. The Palestinians think Israel has occupied their territory? They have not seen anything yet. I think the US jointly with Israel should occupy these territories, put curfews on its inhabitants, and kill or jail every member of Hamas, Brigades, Hezbollah (worldwide) and then talk about the Palestinian state, NOT BEFORE.

We will then see how powerful Iraq is and what their capabilities are, and THEN we decide if they are worthwhile to invade.

The enemy now is the purpetrator of violence and terrorism. These are the Arab and Palestinian terror groups, not some rich kids running around in Afghanistan with rocket propelled grenades that were built in 1982.

If the US declares war on terrorism, it should follow through with its words. We should be in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and anywhere else Palestinian terrorist groups hide out by Christmas. Suicide bombings, homicide bombings, and now Cell Phone bombings should not been seen as acceptable, or wartime strategies anymore. They are terrorist acts being done by the scum of the earth. If Israel cannot contain them, the US should. The goal of these actions would of course be to secure Israel, but to also establish a peaceful Palestinian population and eventually a safe and peaceful Palestinian State.

I have to ask this, what would happen if Israel started placing time-delay bombs in Palestinian cities? What if Israel started to randomly bomb the Palestinian cities? More importantly, what if Israel declared all out war on the Palestinians and removed them from the face of the earth? Would any of this be acceptable? Of course not. But neither are the Palestinian bombings that the US seems to be OK with until enough people die. It is time WE did something about this.

Especially now that they are killing Americans.

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New Yorker
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Unfortunately, your entire argument ignores the crucial flashpoint that started 9/11-- most countries do not like the U.S., particularly because of its stance toward Israel but also because of our arrogance in being the world police. If we attack anyone who is an enemy of Israel we're screwed. There is enough money in the Middle East to fund thousands of al Qaeda cells. Remember the deal with Guiliani and the prince from Saudi Arabia? "Here is $10 million to rebuild your city but you realize that this is your fault because of the U.S. position on Israel."

I understand your argument-- if we go after terrorists in Afghanistan and we declare this "war on terrorism" we should support whatever Israel does to combat the terrorist acts in its country. I agree with that but its not that easy. I really wish it was though.

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I serve MacPhisto
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I kind of agree with you a bit Ouizy.

I understand the need to have Israel act in tandem with us, and stay restrained for the moment.

I believe we can and will "unleash Israel" when the ball drops and we go for it.

I think also that we / they has no other choice because all hell may break loose over there.

I am not a big fan of Sharon either, Benjamin Netanyaho ( thats proly mispelled) would be a better leader IMO.

Again, I don't think we are not really taking notice until enough people have died, I think timing is just crucial.
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I agree with a lot of what you say as well, ouizy, but sharky's comments reflect the realistic situation.

If Hamas or Hezbollah got their way and came to rule the area, all of the area known as "Israel" would become an Islamic theocracy. Jews on Saturday, Christians on Sunday: that is a motto that those two groups use regarding their ultimate plans for the elimination of infidels from the area.

I would prefer Shimon Peres as Israel's leader.

Shabot Shalom.

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Originally posted by U2Bama
I would prefer Shimon Peres as Israel's leader.
I agree 100%.
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