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Has anyone read a book titled "Votescam"

In my thread about the Kennedy Assasination I came accross a little thing about voter fraud in FL in 1970. The Nixon Administration did not investigate and I guess now Supreme Court Justice Scalia, was one of the players in the Nixon Administration who helped squash an investigation.

I am very curious about this and wonder if any of you have done research in this area.

Votescam was published as a result of someone investigating the lack of response to this election and it traces voter fraud through 1988 if I am not mistaken.

This is all I can find on the book, but I am wondering if any of you have read it.

Oct 2000
Legacy of Vote Scam
by Victoria Collier
Niece of Citizens Who Exposed Voting Fraud,
Starting in the state of Florida in the 1970's

I was born in 1975 and grew up in California, immersed in metaphysics, spirituality, and politics. I have early memories of falling asleep at NOW meetings, linking hands at pro-choice rallies, and sitting silently with my mother in her favorite Buddhist temple. My father, an investigative journalist, was also a karate instructor and master chess player who read me Ram Dass at bedtime. At fourteen, he enrolled me in a Kung Fu school in New York's Chinatown. Many years were spent discussing politics in between sparring sessions with my father. We would bow to each other, then go to Central Park to fly Indian fighter kites which he believed was a form of meditation. So you see, for me, politics and the spirit were always intertwined.

My father was James Collier, a name respected by many thousands of citizens and vilified by most of the government. When he died two years ago, he left an unusual legacy. In 1992 Jim and his brother Kenneth wrote "Votescam: The Stealing of America." It was immediately banned by the major book chains, but nevertheless has sold over 30,000 copies by word of mouth. It's the result of 25 years of unflinching investigation into how elections are rigged in America. Not by citizens, but by the government, and at taxpayer expense.
In 1970 Ken ran for Congress in Florida against Claude Pepper, one of those entrenched incumbents who seem permanently welded to the seat of power. Ken didn't expect to win the first time around, so he was elated to watch his vote returns soar up to 30% on election night. He might have enough votes to run again in two years! It was then the newscaster announced that the courthouse computer responsible for counting the votes had "broken down." The networks would be reporting only vote "projections" based on results from one voting machine somewhere in Dade county. After that, Ken's vote totals dropped back down to 16%, with no explanation. He didn't receive another vote for the rest of the night and Claude Pepper sailed back into office.

From that moment, Jim and Ken were determined to find out what happened to that 30%, and how vote projections could be made off of one voting machine. After deftly stealing the computer print-outs of the final vote totals (election officials were less than forthcoming with this public information) they found that the results of the projections were 100% accurate! The networks, before the polls were even closed, had projected perfect vote results! It was. . . impossible. The election had been rigged.

And not just once. As my uncle and father continued to investigate and became known as vote fraud crusaders, they were contacted by candidates from various parties who also had been knocked out of the race when the computer "broke down." The implications of this were disturbingly clear. For the next twenty five years, Jim and Ken uncovered vote fraud at every level of the system.

Proof of rigged machines, forged election canvass sheets, and videotaped ballot tampering was just the beginning of their evidence. As the years went on, they were horrified to find evidence that the fraud swas systemic, and apparently sanctioned by the government. Those implicated were local elections officers and judges, as well as high-powered officials including Janet Reno who, they claimed, has buried the Collier's FBI documented evidence for nearly thirty years. Votescam details these crimes and cover-ups, making it one of the most dangerous political books in America.

But the most startling discovery was the mainstream media's refusal to cover the stories. Jim and Ken were defamed by the press as conspiracy wackos, and their charges dismissed as a "non-issue." As the years passed, they found the reason for the total blackout lay in the media's absolute control over the election system. Only the people who read Votescam know this fact: It is the mainstream media, not the government, that counts the votes on election night.

This is how it works today: In the upcoming election, most of the country will vote on computerized machines, bought at huge expense with taxpayer money by election officials who have abdicated their responsibility to oversee the vote count. The machines are programmed by corporations who consider themselves unaccountable to the public. The workings of the vote count take place inside the computer, out of the public eye, so we now have a secret ballot count, which is illegal. The vote can be electronically rigged in a number of ways, and the machines accessed through telephone lines via modems inside the machines. There is no way to detect it.

Then, the unverifiable election results are transferred to a little known private media conglomerate, Voter News Service (VNS), in New York. Owned by the major networks, plus the wire services, New York Times and the Washington Post, VNS has complete control over the national vote count, and the dissemination of results. When the networks say they are competing for election results, they are lying, they all get their results from VNS. And nobody, not even independant media, is allowed in on election night. The ultimate secret ballot count! It's time we understood that even if we get our anti-Establishment candidates like Nader and Hagelin on the ballot, they still haven't got a chance. The vote is counted in secret by the Establishment!
Because Ken died soon after Votescam was written, and Jim followed in 1998, I've been asked by many people to continue educating the public about vote fraud. Not just because I'm his daughter, but also because I've been an activist for many years. Recently I co-created the Town Hall Project in Asheville which holds public forums where activists can educate their communities.
The Town Hall Project has held forums on the World Trade Organization, the World Bank and IMF, police brutality, and the next one will cover the nuclear industry and its international
and local effects.

Our goal is create a space in Asheville for our community to come together and create change. Whether its making our city greener and more sustainable, organizing activist groups to join local and international protests, or simply putting our creative minds to use to envision a beautiful common future, we need a space. The Town Hall Project is a work in progress, and everyone is invited to take part.

The time has come for Asheville citizens to address the issue of vote fraud. We've got to have a clean, verifiable vote count, with citizen watchdog groups able to do a recount if necessary. In short, we need hand- counted paper ballots if we ever expect to put sane and honest people in our state government, and in the White House. The movement to take back the vote has already begun.

The first national conference on vote fraud was held in August in Cincinnati by Citizens for a Fair Vote Count. I accepted a lifetime achievement award for Jim and Ken, and I spoke to the crowd. Nearly everyone in attendance was staunchly conservative and religious. Right wing and pro-life, Reform Party members, Constitutionalists, Patriots, disillusioned GOP members, many of them ready to walk straight back into the fifties, should the opportunity arise. Incredibly, I was able to cross the gulf in our world views and unite with these people for this common cause. Each of them believed my father and uncle were heroes. And they were. It didn't matter that they were "liberals" or that everyone at the conference dubbed me the "little hippy." When I pledged to continue the fight, the crowd stood up and applauded.

I feel a new confidence now. I know we all can envision a world free of fear, pollution, war, racism, intolerance, and inequality, but we've got to know what is standing in our way. If we are willing to take to the streets to protest injustice, then let's march directly to the polling booth. That's where the protest will be most effective, finally upending this unequal balance of power. As long as Americans believe they are responsible for electing the same criminals to office, they will never understand that the time has come to start a revolution. They will stay asleep. Let's wake them up.

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Not the top of the pops, but... interesting.

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I have heard this book discussed on a public radio station. It may have been a tape with one of the authors. They sounded very convincing. I am extremely concerned about the new touch screen voting machines. They just digitally record the vote, how easy is that to manipulate! Look at how much damage teenage hackers can do. Our voting system is a shambles. It is pathetic, I think it is possible election results are altered.
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This is something that bothers me tremendously. According to some of the things I have read, there are more problems than are publicized.

The FL. stuff really concerns me from the last election. If we were a third world country you can bet the United Nations would have been crying foul over our last election.

Son of Former President/Intelligence Chief wins election by the province controlled by his brother. The election is contested and overruled by a Judge, appointed by his father. The judge was in an admistration 30 years earlier that was riddled with political scandal and he also participated in squashing an investigation into voter fraud in the same province 30 years earlier.

You think we would allow this to occur in a third world country.

That being said. I am thankful we live in a Nation of Laws. No bloodshed, and a peaceful transistion. I will support the President, although, I really have questions about how he got into the office.
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Originally posted by deep
I am extremely concerned about the new touch screen voting machines. They just digitally record the vote, how easy is that to manipulate!
i agree. i can see why they think it would be a good idea, as electronic voting surely takes less time to tally up as i would think the computers would keep tally of how many votes for each candidate.

i'd think all the people who ran the voting booth would have to do is total up the votes for each computer, write it down, and send it off. but as you said, how easy would it be to manipulate those votes? and also, how could anyone prove that that number of votes was really cast? i would think each booth has to mail off the ballots after they're counted and everything to be double checked or at least called for.

computers may make our lives easier in some ways, but in others, no. i think the current system (i've never voted so i don't know. i wasn't 18 in 2000, and when we were voting for mayor here over the summer i thought it was freaking early election so i didn't vote. but i'll be there in november!) with the punch cards is fine enough. some things just need to be left alone.
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Statement of Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney to
the Armed Services Committee Military Personnel
Subcommittee Hearing on Voting Rights

May 9, 2001

Protecting the Voting Rights of our Men and Women in Uniform

Mr. Chairman:

This is a very important hearing. Attempts to address unfairness in military voting began during the Eisenhower Administration, but Congress still has work to do to solve the problem. It is unfortunate that it has taken the lost opportunities of so many voters to cause notice of this problem, but hopefully, this hearing will begin to address and correct the remaining obstacles that military voters face.

Anytime the importance of the vote is diminished, we have a problem. We have a problem because in our Republic there is nothing more precious than the right to vote. On election day there is no black or white. There is no rich or poor. There exists no difference between uniformed or civilian. We are all equal as we cast our votes.

However, if in the process of attempting to cast our votes, selected populations are subjected to police intervention; if votes are purged due to a lack of postmarks; if voters have to endure long and unruly lines, unprepared staff, under equipped voting places, buildings too small to accommodate the voting crowd, broken machines; or voter lists that are rigged, as the private company Choicepoint now readily admits happened in Florida; if votes are somehow lost in the mail; then we have a serious problem and the quality of our democracy is open to ridicule by others.

If, after one has withstood tremendous indignities just to cast the vote, that vote is then thrown out, then the value of our democracy equals that thrown away ballot.

As the Florida debacle unfolded for all the world to see, America became a laughing stock. Autocrats and dictators around the world offered election advisors. And worse, at least one offered to pay the Carter Center to come in and monitor our own elections.

Adding fuel to the fire, President Carter recently stated that the U.S. election process is so bad, it wouldn't even pass muster to qualify for Carter Center observers. What happened in Florida, particularly to voters of color, is criminal and the NAACP has rightly filed a lawsuit against the State of Florida for its transgression. A lawsuit has been filed in Georgia and the record suggests that what happened in Tennessee and Georgia was at least as bad as what happened in Florida. And in some cases their experiences were worse.

We must not lose our focus. It is clear that in Florida there was purposeful manipulation of the votes that were cast, and an effort to impede the ability of voters to actually cast their vote. Nothing short of state-sanctioned voter fraud took place in Florida. Minorities were victimized directly by the circus that ensued. However, the spillover affected everyone who wanted to vote in Florida, and everyone who actually voted in Florida; and the manipulation cost all of us the imprimatur of a free, fair, and transparent election for the highest office in our land.

We can do better and we must, or else the loss of confidence in the election system of our country will be reflected not in the suites, but in the streets, because Americans will not tolerate the clock being turned back on fundamental voting rights won through bloodshed and struggle.

In addition, the loss of prestige around the world--that we can talk the talk, but we can't walk the walk on free and fair and transparent elections--is incalculable.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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