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Old 10-23-2007, 09:06 PM   #21
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I'm 25, so I would look at myself at 12 1/2.

to my 12 1/2 self
If you think things are tough now, wait until the real shit begins. And remember, you got to love yourself first and foremost

12 1/2 self looking at 25 self
You did what?! You worked where?! And you doing what now?! All this and you still haven't done XY and Z?!
You must really suck being you.

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Old 10-23-2007, 09:25 PM   #22
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This is a fun thread if I say so myself

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Old 10-23-2007, 09:32 PM   #23
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Good call.
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Old 10-23-2007, 09:45 PM   #24
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Originally posted by phillyfan26

Or maybe just me.

Sorry to everyone I make feel old here.
Not old, just tired

While all my friends from home are starting college this year I'm still not done and have another degree to finish and one more to go.

And I'd tell mini me to keep her phone away from water driven appliances and listen to that little voice that said "that guy is a schmuck"
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Old 10-23-2007, 09:47 PM   #25
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I'd tell my 14 year-old self to spend more time with my grandma, less time watching Days of Our Lives, to give up on piano sooner because I'm tone deaf and hated it all along, to ignore my academic counsellor who told me to go into science because people with BAs can't find jobs, not to hide my ambition, and to eat as many carbs as I can now before the years start catching up with me.

My 14-year-old self would be really happy about my professional accomplishments, would be pleased that I spent a lot of time travelling because it's always been a passion of mine, and would tell me to guard myself a little less closely with some people.
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Old 10-23-2007, 09:52 PM   #26
love, blood, life
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I knew what I wanted to do then, I knew how to get it, and now I have to continue aiming to get it.

Apart from a faux pas where I confused volts with amps I can't think of any dramatic advice to give to myself as whatever age halfway me is.
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Old 10-24-2007, 01:03 AM   #27
love, blood, life
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To my 11.5 year old self:

"Don't ever cave into peer pressure. Don't ever try to change any part of who you are just to fit in with certain people at school. Any friend that puts requirements('right' clothes, 'right' music, etc etc) on your friendship is not a friend. All of the kids around you, even the most confident-sounding ones, are just as insecure as you and just as much in search of their identity as you are. And of all the people you know in elementary school, middle school, and high school, you will never see or hear from most of them ever again once you finish high school. So, just be yourself. There is no such thing as cool. When people say that they want to be cool, they just mean they want to feel accepted, and comfortable in their own skin. The only way to truly do that is to figure out who YOU are, and not who other people THINK you should be. And that is the absolute truth.

Appreciate the trips you and your family take to Turkey, and understand how lucky you are that because your mother is Turkish, you get to go there every few years. You will end up cherishing the experiences you have there.

You have an innocence that I wish I still had. Don't ever take it for granted.

Don't worry about Y2K. It won't be any big deal.

In the summer of 2001, take time to really appreciate the relative innocence of the world around you. Something is going to happen in September that will change everything. I'm not going to tell you what it is, but there's no sense in you trying to process it in your 11 year old mind, much less in you worrying about it for the next six years. Just...appreciate the relative innocence of the world around you. The lack of paranoia.

Your mother is going to start teaching two brothers around your age soon. Make sure you start talking to them. They're going to be your best friends for a long time.

In about two years, you're going to think that the Quad City DJs are good. It is of utmost importance that you understand that they are really, really, really not. It will be a short-lived interest, so just...just try not to tell anyone about it while it's happening. And I know you're going to think 'I Believe I Can Fly' is a great song. It's not great. It's not awful either, but the guy that sings it is going to be a laughingstock a decade from now.

Your mother is going to ask you very soon if she can sell your teenage mutant ninja turtle toys. Don't let her. The shop that she sells them to goes out of business in the very near future and you never know what happened to your stuff except for the small amount of it you get back. So keep it all.

And always wear sunscreen. When you go to Turkey on your 2007 trip, you are going to stupidly sit in the sun for four hours without sunscreen on your first full day there, and you are going to get the SHIT burned out of you. You will barely be able to walk or use your hands for the following two days. So trust me on the sunscreen.

Read more.

Understand that the world is made of shades of gray, and that people who think in black and white are ignorant. Understand that love and understanding and thoughtfulness are some of the most powerful things a human being can offer."

To my 23 year old self:

"Dude...you haven't gotten laid yet? Why not? Because you're waiting for the right woman? Gotcha.

You seem like a good person. You definitely still have some of the same issues I'm dealing with now, maybe you always will, but I'm glad to know I turned out ok.

The fact that I eventually do grow my hair long makes me happy.

What? This internet thing I'm just now starting to get interested in? It's going to be a huge part of my life? Wow. Sweet.

Let's face it, I'm 11. My mind isn't even close to being developed enough to adequately form a substantial opinion on a 23 year old. All I know is, you're pretty cool. That's all I can say."
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Old 10-24-2007, 01:39 AM   #28
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Originally posted by namkcuR
Don't worry about Y2K. It won't be any big deal.

In the summer of 2001, take time to really appreciate the relative innocence of the world around you. Something is going to happen in September that will change everything. I'm not going to tell you what it is, but there's no sense in you trying to process it in your 11 year old mind, much less in you worrying about it for the next six years. Just...appreciate the relative innocence of the world around you. The lack of paranoia.
Ooh. Good ones . Didn't think of mentioning that stuff.

Originally posted by namkcuR
In about two years, you're going to think that the Quad City DJs are good. It is of utmost importance that you understand that they are really, really, really not. It will be a short-lived interest, so just...just try not to tell anyone about it while it's happening. And I know you're going to think 'I Believe I Can Fly' is a great song. It's not great. It's not awful either, but the guy that sings it is going to be a laughingstock a decade from now.
. Loved this part!

U2democrat, this was indeed an excellent idea for a thread. I'm loving the responses here.

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Old 10-24-2007, 01:43 AM   #29
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my 30 year old self to my 15 year old self:

it's all going to get better. yes, high school sucks right now, and the sneaking suspicion you have that you're going to look back on all of this and laugh is absolutely spot-on, but there's also nothing you can do about it. playing the game -- by which i mean doing the assignments you're given, not the assignments you wish you were given -- is not by definition selling out to either yourself or to whatever you think the establishment is. just get it done, and don't take it so seriously, it will actually be a lot easier. and keep working like mad in swim practice, and watch what you eat -- you know that if you were 10lbs lighter you'd be looking at your Junior National cuts in about 2 years. and stop treating every practice like a drama. just get in in do it. don't think so much. and don't worry so much, especially about how you can't get enthusiastic about wanting to hook up with, let alone date, any girl in school. trust me, it will all make way too much sense, but don't worry yourself with all that junk right now. and make an effort to be with your friends as much as you can, and lighten up when they dig at you -- that's just what 15 year old boys do, and believe it or not, those four guys across the table are going to mean so much to you when you're older and you're all in each other's weddings. speaking of which ... well, just relax. it's only high school, and you're only you, which is a great thing to be. no need to be anything more than who you are. it's all going to work out. just keep plugging away, pounce on all opportunities, and if it feels wrong, it is wrong. so don't do it. and be safe. don't do stupid things like see how fast the car can go or do 10 vodka shots at a party and always, always use a condom. yes, you will have sex one day. but be patient. it will be that much better in ... well, i won't tell you just how long, but it will be like the biggest, most refreshing glass of water you've ever had. and nothing will be the same after. and not in a Molly Ringwald coming-of-age kind of way. i mean you'll still be the same, but everyone will treat you differently.

my 15 year old self to my 30 year old self:

wow. i had no idea. i mean i did, but not really. how do you handle that? it seems like such a big deal. do people ignore you? treat you differently? i dont know if i could ever do that, i think i could just live with it and maybe get myself something on the side, but it just seems so ... embarassing or something. what? you say people don't care? that people actually like you more now because you're far more real and honest and open and approachable and i'm actually guarded and defense? well, i'll take your word for it. on another note, i'm so happy you've seen so muhc of europe and even lived there (why didn't you stay longer), and there's a very bright future of travel ahead of you. and you make TV! that sounds so cool, and come on, what else would you rather be doing until 11pm on a semi-regular basis? come on man, you're writing for a living! and people watch your shows! that's way better than being a lawyer (now that you've told me what it is lawyers actually do all day). i'm also quite pleased with your shoes and your taste in denim, and i like that we actually are as cautiously arty as we thought we were. and this Memphis guy makes sense for us, kind of different than we expected, but after getting to know him, he's seems like a total keeper. and it's also a relief to know that i'll actually be doing the things i was thinking about doing when i was alone late at night and ... well, let's not get too graphic. just make sure you watch what you eat and continue to work out, and be aware of the alcohol. it does seem to lubricate nearly all your work and social functions, which is kind of how the world works, but just be careful.

oh, and you really need to get your own place.
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Old 10-24-2007, 01:45 AM   #30
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Looking back: "What a dork."

Looking forward: "What a dick."
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Old 10-24-2007, 04:47 AM   #31
love, blood, life
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My 43 year old self to my 21.5 year old self:

If they are touring go see U2 now. You know you want to see them. Do it now. Trust me, they are going to be huge very soon and the crowds will be too big for you. Yes, I know no one you know likes them. Go on your own. Drive to a different city. Just do it.

Buy Heyday & Starfish (the latter in a few years) by a band called The Church. They will mean even more to you and have a larger impact on your life than U2 does. Hard to believe now, but true. If you can see them live, do it -- but there will be other opportunities. If you ever get the chance to see the Go-Betweens or Jack Frost however, don't wait. Do it right away.

Once you get past your goth stage don't wear makeup. It just makes you look older and frumpy. I didn't plan on living this long, but I have, so take better care of yourself. When you get hired at GE sign up for the PPO health insurance plan -- it will save you about $1200 on your wrist. Oh btw, don't get the cortisone shot -- you had a bad reaction. Don't get too worked up about issues at work -- it doesn't really matter in the end. Remember that hospital emergency rooms are open all the time. They do not close on Sundays you idiot!

My 21.5 year old self to my 43 year old self:

um yeah. Guess I should take better care of myself. (43 yo: don't give me any lip, you little shit. ) Hmm...should have made the top part of the tattoo a bit larger so it was more clear, but overall it's good. You haven't worked a "real" job in over 11 years? Cool!!! ...how much you make isn't so cool though. Still, this is soooo great!!

Aha! Now I see why you said the Church would have a great impact on us. I was worried for a bit with that name that we'd gone all holy roller. I just couldn't see that ever being my thing. I like the paintings...bright, sometimes bizarre. Neat little gig you have there. Now if you just put as much effort into your own work....

Not living in the country anymore, eh? That's interesting -- didn't see that coming. You don't seem overjoyed about it. Do I want to know what happened to the horses? Awww...a Blue Heeler! I love those! Happy to see cats too.

Not really what I expected. Some excellent developments, some rather discouraging.
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Old 10-24-2007, 06:13 AM   #32
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Ha! I dunno really ... I guess I would of told my 19 year old self that I shouldn't get on that plane to come home from my first o/s trip to Ireland and just stayed there.. LOL! Basically I would of told her that apart from all the travelling that I was going to do, be prepared for your 20's to SUCK!! I think I'd just like to give her a hug and say just do whatever your heart desires and don't worry what other people think .. it would of save so much energy spent on feeling lost and confused!

I think I would of told her also to lock my younger sister in her room until she was 30, so she wouldn't have to go through so much heartache

I think my 19 year old self would be pretty pleased with my progress ... especially with finding a job that I actually LIKE and makes sense to me! She's a little concerned that I worry still .. but happy that I've still retained my impulsive streak & love of travel and going to concerts She's a bit weird-ed out that I'll be turning 40 next year ... but tells me to stop buying stuff and start saving so I can have a big birthday party in Dublin, so it won't seem so bad
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Old 10-24-2007, 10:49 AM   #33
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I'm 25, so I'm talking to my 12.5 year old self. That was basically the age where a lot of problems started for me, so I guess I'd tell myself that everything really is gonna be okay, and I shouldn't be so hard on myself. That's probably all I'd need to say.
"Knight in shining Zubaz."

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Old 10-24-2007, 11:29 PM   #34
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34 year old self to 17 year old self: Make more girlfriends and fewer boyfriends. That thing that's haunting you... let it go. You are hot! Moisturize. Mom is not the devil. Keep practicing the piano.

17 year old self to 34 year old self: So you actually did what you set out to do, eh? Cool. Your/our husband's hot! Only one kid, why? Where's Michele? I like the fact that you're still kinda goofy. But don't let all the shit get you down.

What an awesome thread!
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Old 10-25-2007, 01:07 AM   #35
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To my 10 year old self: Australia really won't be that bad, but make more of a conscious effort not to lose your Kiwi accent. You become fond of it by the time you're 14 but by then it's already fading. And don't slip so quickly into Aussie slang your family thinks is cool but really sounds quite stupid. Ultimately, life sucks a hell of a lot more than you think it does, so try to enjoy things now. Maybe learn to ride a bike. Next year will be rough. Buy some books you like and don't be afraid to read them at uncool moments like morning tea and lunchtime at school. It would be a smart move that keeps you happier. Oh, and I know this seems blindingly obvious now, but avoid that Christianity thing. Your current attitude towards religion is the ideal one. Why deviate when you'll return to it anyway?

10 year old self to me: You're too fucking lazy. Use that brain and imagination on something useful. Achieve something like you keep saying you will. Seriously, I become you? Fuck off.
"Mediocrity is never so dangerous as when it is dressed up as sincerity." - Søren Kierkegaard

Ian McCulloch the U2 fan:
"Who buys U2 records anyway? It's just music for plumbers and bricklayers. Bono, what a slob. You'd think with all that climbing about he does, he'd look real fit and that. But he's real fat, y'know. Reminds me of a soddin' mountain goat."
"And as for Bono, he needs a colostomy bag for his mouth."

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Me now to my half self: Keep that goth hair going for a few years yet, you've got years to look "normal". Shag that bloke at uni, you'll only keep wondering. Don't worry about uni actually, life doesn't go to plan and it's not a disaster, stuff happens. Don't lose that passion for music.

Half self to me now: Whaddya mean you stopped wearing eyeliner? You could exercise a bit more. Don't let anxiety about the future get you down, you coped then, you'll cope now. Glad to see you haven't lost your passions and become boringly middle class. So you really don't have the maternal gene then? And the hair colour's a bit dull in comparison!

This is a great thread!
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Old 10-25-2007, 06:02 AM   #37
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me to me at 12.5

don't be scared of the headmistress, she was broken hearted, lonely and an alcoholic
hug your mum more, she missed you more then you'd ever know at boarding school
don't do homework... what a waste of time, no one ever checks it and that lie you were told that if you get suspended you won't go to uni was fake. You should have snuck out with everyone else!

12.5 to me
wow, you err, got a bit unfit. Go back and start swimming again, remember how much you loved it. Shut up about your fear of flying, remember how much you loved it?!
Don't spend times worrying about things, they'll sort themselves out. Scaring yourself is fruitless.
Sexy boyfriend! well done
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Old 10-25-2007, 09:58 AM   #38
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To my 14 year old self: Those zits you have...well, it'll get better, but you'll still have them pop up from time to time. Yeah, it sucks. Don't worry about women, you'll get yours in a few years. Plus, they're not worth the trouble. Trust me, don't get into anything serious.

To my 28 year old self: You look exactly like me, with less zits. At least your not as skin and bones anymore.
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Old 10-25-2007, 07:50 PM   #39
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My 45 year old self to me, have more sex with 20-somethings before you have to pay for it
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Old 10-28-2007, 05:43 AM   #40
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Originally posted by coemgen
Wow. This is a great question for me to ask myself because I turn 30 next month. It's been haunting me, and challenging me.
It´s not bad at all. You´ll love the thrties once you get used to being old.

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