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Two in one?

I dunno if this is the proper forum for this, move if it's not.

I was raised technically Christian but not 'churchy.' All my life I had assumed that Jesus was God's son, and that they were two separate people. You even have Bible quotes where Jesus speaks of, or even to, his 'father in Heaven.' So now that I'm grown up I have ppl telling me that God and Jesus are the same person and he took human form to come to earth. I am sorry I cannot accept this. I still believe God is the father and Jesus is the son and they are not the same guy at all. What, is he sitting 'at the right hand' of himself up there? Some have told me if I can't accept that Jesus was God incarnate I am not a Christian but I disagree. Can someone please shed light on this for me? What are your beliefs, or feelings?

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I accept the Holy Trinity, but I think about Jesus as God's son. We're humans and we can't really fathom or understand anything beyond our human types of relationships and social structures. I can't accept that it's simply not possible they are the same because who's to say what is and is not possible for God? God is God, we are humans. If anyone can decide what is or is not possible, it's him, not me.

Personally, I think it's more important to understand Jesus as being fully human AND fully divine, regardless of how you understand his father/son relationship with God. I don't think there's a whole lot to be learned or gained on whether God is actually the physical father of Jesus, but there's plenty to be gained in understanding the humanness and divinity of Jesus.
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