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Time to use the Patriot Act to Investigate the UN

[Q]It's beyond dispute that Saddam Hussein paid money to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers.

And there is evidence that Saddam had financial and other ties to al Qaeda terrorists. For example, two firms doing business with Saddam via Oil-for-Food are reportedly linked to a financier associated with Osama bin Laden.

Since Oil-for-Food was Saddam's chief source of cash, it's safe to assume that the money he lavished on terrorists came from program kickbacks processed along with other Oil-for-Food revenues by BNP Paribas - a powerful French commercial bank chartered to do business in New York state.

Now, Kofi Annan may manage to keep U.N. information away from investigators - but you can be sure that BNP Paribas kept a full set of discoverable books.

And the Patriot Act grants Treasury Secretary John Snow substantial power to investigate U.S.-chartered banks suspected of having been involved - knowingly or otherwise - in terrorist activity.

Paribas may not have consciously bankrolled Osama.

But Snow nonetheless can subpoena its records to find out how much of Saddam's ill-gotten cash passed through the bank - and where it went.

And he has the power to look at all of the bank's Oil-for-Food dealings since the passage of the Patriot Act.

That's precisely what he needs to do.

And to hell with Kofi Annan's stonewall. [/Q]


Interesting...links between Food for Oil Companies, profiting from the Food for OIL and Osama.....

Nah....no link to Iraq at all...

I say use the Patriot Act....Screw the UN. It is more clear than ever these bastards are not going to come clean.

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you're right, it's beyond dispute that Saddam Hussein paid money to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers.
it could be that EU money was used to support families of suicide bombers (can't be proven yet) it's highly likely that the US spent lots of money for al-quaida...

But US, please clean up your own mess , EU clean up your own mess and UN clean up your mess...
...there is lots of blood on all your hands

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It is not their own mess. It has now become everyone's mess.
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I could point out that the material in the above article was never mentioned in the leadup to the war. Never given as a reason for why we must invade.

Also has little relation to any issue of Saddam being a direct threat to US soil. I mean, that is why the war went ahead, isn't it?

Isn't it??

It was about weapons of mass destruction, wasn't it? Not cheques to Palestinian suicide bombers?

How come nobody talks about the weapons of mass destruction anymore?? It was the GODDAMN REASON, right???

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