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Old 11-21-2001, 07:55 PM   #1
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The World Trade Center Evacuation - photographs from the inside

Some people brought cameras with them as they descended the stairs on September 11th.

This is what they captured.

Click Here

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A note.....these pictures are from the interior of the South Tower. North Tower had Windows On The World resturant and the South Tower had the observation deck on the roof.

So, if you ever visited the WTC as a tourist, this is probably the one you were in.

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The images that stand out the most to me are the photos of the firefighters going up the stairs.
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Let's remember all the people tomorrow who will be terribly sad missing their loved ones they lost that day.

These pictures are tough to look at-but we have to face the horrible reality and never forget.
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Very heart breaking..

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I hate September 11th.

Go lightly down your darkened way.
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I remember well an interview of a woman outside after the towers fell...she was crying...not for herself ...she said "I can't stop thinking about the fireman who helped us out...he went back in there.."

dream wanderer
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wow. amazing photos. I worked across the street from the Trade Center and was quite familiar with alot of the things in those photos. A few of those photos are of the lobby of Tower One that I walked through the day before the attack. The photo of the white walkway on the first page is the walkway I was on at 8am on Sept. 11. The photo of the plaza-- with the gold sphere-- is where my sister and I had our picture taken three weeks before.

Its so hard to imagine its all gone. For most of you, its just images of the tragedy but you have to remember that there were some of us who walked by those buildings everyday or went shopping there everyday. And its still hard to imagine that its all gone. There are times when I expect to go back in six months and everything will be the same again. I can still imagine myself walking through that building in the winter from my subway stop and remembering each shop that was there. Or thinking I need to go Christmas shopping at that one store-- and then remembering that store is gone. And its just a such a mess at Ground Zero now that you don't recognize any of it.

Thanks for the link to the photos.
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Why the *FUCK* did this happen?

There is evil in the world, folks, living right next door.

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