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The Winter Of The Long Hot Summer

Eerily appropriate...


It all seemed so idiotic all the accusations of unpatriotic
The fall we'll always remember capitulating silence
election November before the winter of the long hot summer
Somewhere in the desert we raised the oil pressure
and waited for the weather to get much better
for the new wind to blow in the storm
We tried to remember the history in the region
The French foreign legion, Imperialism
Peter O'Toole and hate the Ayatollah
were all we learned in school
Not that we gave Hussein five billion
Not of our new bed partner the Syrian
and of course no mention of the Palestine situation
It was amazing how they steamrolled
They said eighty percent approval
but there was no one that I knew polled
No one had a reason for being in the Gulf.
We waited for congress to speak up illegal build up
But no one would wake up
Our representatives were Milli Vanilli's
for corporate Dallas Cowboy Beverly Hillbillies
With perfect timing
the politicians rhyming their sentiments
so nicely oil gold and sand
my sediments precisely...
We regretfully support the lunacy.
I'm afraid there is no time for more scrutiny
National unity preserve our community
Teflon election opportunities
were in profundant abundance

On January second the Bush administration
announced a recession had stricken the Nation
the highest quarterly earnings in ten years were posted by Chevron
Meanwhile a budget was placed in our hands
as the deadline in the sand came to an end
so much for the peace dividend
one billion a day is what we spent
and our grandchildren will pay for it 'til the end
When schools are unfunded
and kids don't get their diplomas
they get used for gun boat diplomacy
disproportionately black or brown we see
bullet catchers for the slave master

Then the conservatists called up reservists
to active service left families nervous
but more importantly broke nine hundred a month
but the check came late, army red tape you see,
this golden opportunity
We watched the tube and read the newspaper
The propaganda of the gas masked raper
was the proper slander to whip up the hatred

The stage was lit and the lights were all faded
The pilots in night vision goggles Kuwaited and generals masturbated


The Winter Of The Long Hot Summer
written by Michael Franti
The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy
from: Hypocrisy Is The Greatest Luxury (1992)

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Those guys were amazing...

If your eyes were closed for the last decade and that's the last thing you remembered. Then you woke up today, you would have thought the world stopped with you.
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