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Old 08-15-2007, 08:45 PM   #1
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The New Public Enemy Number 1 : Bottled Water

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I prefer buying liquids in glass containers.

Glass, I think does not taint the flavor.

Milk from a glass bottles just tastes better, I think, than milk from a plastic container.

Glass can be recycled over and over...using less energy.

Also there's some who suggest that all this plastic is not very good for us:

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Hardly a new enemy, but whatever. The recycling problem has existed since the 80s (at least), and the problem of people using bottled water and thus exposing themselves to risks of bacterias and so on has been around for as long as I've been anti-bottled water. My reasons against are purely environmental and chronic tight-arsed in nature. Buy a Brita, for god's sake, people! Then you won't have to bother yourselves over where the water is really sourced from, whether it's fit for consumption, matches the quality of tap, whether there's enough fluoride, etc.

Buy a Brita. Please.
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Old 08-16-2007, 02:50 AM   #4
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^ Exactly!!!

This thread has it's certain agenda, but honestly, horse you have to do better...
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I use bottled water in the car on road trips, and in case of earthquakes, but we have a filter on the tap at home.
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Things do taste better in glass conatiners, take beer...everybody knows beer from a bottle is far superior to beer from a can.
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Do we get another three pages of who uses what?

For the milk in glasses: I don't know if it's just for marketing, but they say that milk exposed to light loses its vitamines, hence boxes are better, e.g. Tetra Paks.
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i thought this thread was gonna be about a new cd
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We have no filter in Boston, nor did I use a filter when living in NY or outside of Philly. I just drink what comes out of the faucet. Municipal water in America, as pointed out by the Times editorial page a few weeks ago, is incredibly clean and not bad tasting at all. Often it is the same crap you pay $1.25 for. In general I refuse on principal to pay for my water but it's not really an environmental principal, more of a frugal principal.

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