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The Irony

Robert Fisk is at it again explaining why Iraq needs a strong-man dictator to take control in Iraq. The Irony is that this is an anti-war website and its name is Democracy Now. The old addage is true: "When the going gets tough, the left love dictators". (yes I know that the US supports dictators too, but that wouldnt be much of a joke when discussing Fisk).
When I go to funerals in Iraq, of men who have been cruelly murdered, women, children, people say to me, look. I don't care if you got rid of Saddam Hussein. No, we didn't like him, but at least with Saddam Hussein, we had security. Our children went to school in the morning. Although we didn't have free speech, we knew that if we obeyed the rules, we would be alive. Now, that is not praise of Saddam Hussein. He was a cruel dictator. We helped to prop him up. We started him off in the first place. But if the alternative is carnage on the scale we're now seeing, what do you think that the Iraqis want? I mean, history shows that what Bush did, and what Kerry thinks he might be able to do, cannot work, especially in Iraq.

This was the same Robert Fisk who explained that the battle for Baghdad would be Stalingrad redux and the Iraqi armour was impossible to beat - needless to say I wouldn't put much stock in his analysis of millitary strategy. The man is on par with Pilger with being a walking talking epitome of left wing journalists.
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