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The Fragility of Balance

Since yesterday, october 7th, Afghanistan has been under United Kingdom/United States attacks, as you know it. Here are my thoughts on this war, Bin Laden's message to the United States and the fragile balance of the Middle-East.

First of all, I must precise that I approve a "war" on terrorism, maybe not the way it is now, but I approve war on terrorism. I do not approve, though, what people will probably do with it (i.e.: nothing when it will be over or the re-inforcement of the US foreing politics). This new war must learn us new ways to think, new politics, all in all, a new mentality.

You must be very careful with what you see on television, what you hear on radio and what you read on Internet and in the papers. You must diversify your sources and then make your own idea about the war. The United States is a master of war propaganda and the Talibans won't claim that they suffer from the war. Censorship still exists (as well as misinformation). As an example, some sources said the US/UK attacks were on Kaboul directly, while a hidden reporter in Kaboul in contact with Radio-Canada claims that only the airport, situated "far enough" of Kaboul war touched. The sources indicated thet the city was in a state of panic, while the hidden reporter said there was no panic at all. All of this is psychologic war. The attacks you've seen on TV today may have been the same images from yesterday. No one is too sure about what to believe here where I am. So, you must diversify your sources, read the papers from all around the world, check TV networks from other countries and then, only then, make your own idea about it. I personnaly place the Pentagon Officials in the same box as the other sources I hear to really make my ideas on it. The attacks we see on TV now are of little use for the military, but they mostly are to make a double-psychologcal effect. In America, people are happy to "counter-strike". In the Middle-East, it makes people more and more angry about the United States. And here, it divides people on the question.

Second, I've listened over and over the Bin Ladden's message. Then, I lisetened to a couple of analysts, from Canada, Quebec, United States and France. From there on, I have my idea on Mr. Ladden's message.

- Do not misunderstand him : he is ready to fight to death.
- The next "big" terrorist attack will probably not be in the United States. Ladden said, more than any other country, Saudi Arabia. My thoughts are that Ladden is preparing, or at least seeks for an attack on the Petrol Companies, probably not to cut the US Military's ressources of petrol, but to shake the economy. After all, gold and petrol are "safe" values for the investors. We saw it after the attacks in New York and Washington : investors rushed for gold and petrol. So it wouldn't surprise me if Ladden, as I say, planify or seeks attakcs on Petrol fields in Saudi Arabia.
- Terrorists movement are silent now in Europe (i.e.: probably Germany, England and France) and in North America (i.e.: Canada and the United States). Only a "degradation" of the war will make them wake up. After all, you can make a bomb with milk and chlorinate.


Bioterrorism, Nuclear terrorism is very very complex. Yes, you should think of it and protect yourselves about it, but the use of it is very complex.

The Middle-East situation : Yasser Arafat said he wouldn't tolerate any other anti-war or anti-IsraŽl protest, and he did. During a protest today, his police shot down 2 protesters. I believe this is a message to the United States stating : "You see, I'm trying to make something out here, do the same with your IsraŽl". He wants his country and he really needs it now. He knows he can lost control anytime with his people. As bigger as the war will be, the bigger the anti-USA/IsraŽl movement will be.

Pakistan : It is with resignation that the General President said he was with the United States' Coalition. Now, he, too, is loosing control. Fanatics are willing to attack any US/UK soldier on their soil. There, as well, control is no longer solid. The same applies here : as bigger as the war will go, bigger the movement will be.

The "onde de choc" created by this psychological war is going out, even in Indonesia. Remember the Soviet Union/Afghanistan war : all the islamic world rushed in Afghanistan to help them out against the Red Army. The same will probably happen this time, maybe not to protect the Talibans ("quoique" some people will go there for that), but to protect Islam. By the way, it is an interesting fact : Bush claims islam is a peaceful religion, while Ladden use it for violent actions. It is very interesting to see how much conceptions of a religion you can have, esp. when this religion has no "pope". (An Islamic guy said that on the radio : having the equivalent of a pope would solve a lot of problems). Interpretations can be very very dangerous.

After the war : Afghanistan politics are like it's geography : hard and complex. While the US now helps the Northern Alliance (and use it instead of sending massive ground troops), it does not want it to form the next Afghan Government, simple because the Alliance does not represent all the minorities of Afghanistan. Too bad Commander Massoud is dead, it would be interesting to hear his thoughts on this. Did he wanted to take the power, or did he simply wanted to put the Talibans out, then form a step-government ? Clearly, the new Commander of the North Alliance said that they re-consider taking Kaboul. In the last news, they don't want to take it now, but they are ready for a massive attack in 5 days at the maximum.
So, what the after-war will be like in Afghanistan ? No one really knows I guess. The United Nations should be more involve in the situation as they are now... but we all know the United Nations : "what for do they exists ? we can do the job without arguing with those little no-where countries..."...

Military strikes on other countries : this would be the worst thing to do. You could be sure that all the middle-east would be an enormous bomb. And what country would be under strike ? Algeria, Sudan, ??? My thoughts are that if there's other countries under military attacks, it will probably be in the east-African region.

This was my brainstorm..


La resignacion es un suicido permanente

* *M-26-7* *

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Countries that also come to my mind when the US says that they think of other countries are Iran, Syria, Irak. That said, will the US finish the job they didn't finished I0 years ago in Irak, i.e.: occupate the territory, administrate it ?

Will a new Palestinian State will end problems ? Surely, it will end some, but probably not all.

Also, terrorism as we know it now is a state itself. It's not a state like France, United States, China, Russia, Congo or Thailand, but it's a "ghost state", with it's own balance, legislations, etc. This is a new mentality.

brainstorm part II


La resignacion es un suicido permanente

* *M-26-7* *

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Originally posted by Holy John:
Since yesterday, octoba' 7t', Afghanistan has been unda' United Kingdom/United
States jax, as yo' ass know it. In da house be mah thoughts on dis wah', Bin
Laden's message t' da damn United States an' da damn fragile balance o' da damn
Middle-East. Fust o' all, I gots'ta precise dat I approve some "wah'" on
terrorism, maybe not da damn way it be now, but I approve wah' on terrorism. I
do not approve, though, whut sucka's will probably do wit' it (down low, i.e.:
nothin' when it will be ova' o' da damn re-inforcement o' da damn U-S fo'in'
baby-kissin'). Dis fresh wah' gots'ta learn us fresh ways t' think, fresh
baby-kissin', all in all, some fresh mentality.

Yo' ass gots'ta be real damn careful wit' whut yo' ass spot on idiot box, whut
yo' ass haih' on transista' an' whut yo' ass eyeball on Internet an' in da
papuh's. Yo' ass gots'ta diversify yo' sources an' den make yo' own brainstorm
about da damn wah'. Da United States be some masta' o' wah' propaganda an' da
damn Talibans won't claim dat they suffa' from da wah'. Censorship still
'esists (down low, as well as misinformashun). As some 'esample, some kinda'
sources said da damn U-S/U-K jax wuz on Kaboul direct-like, while some hidden
reporta' in Kaboul in contact wit' Transista'-Canada claims dat only da
airport, situated "fah' 'nuff" o' Kaboul wah' touched. Da sources indicated
thet da damn hood wuz in some state o' panic, while da damn hidden reporta'
said dair wuz no panic at all. All o' dis be psychologic wah'. Da jax you've
seen on T-V today may have been da same images from yesterday. True dat. No
one be too shaw about whut t' recon' in da house where I be. So's, yo' ass
gots'ta diversify yo' sources, eyeball da papuh's from all around da damn
world, check T-V networks from otha' countries an' den, only den, make yo' own
brainstorm about it. I puh'sonna-like place da damn Pentagon Officials in da
same box as da otha' sources I haih' t' tru-ly make mah brainstorms on it.
Slap me some skin. Da jax we spot on T-V now be o' tiny-ass 'esploit 4 da
military, but they most-like be t' make some double-psychologcal effect. In
America, sucka's be happy t' "counta'-strike". In da Middle-East, it makes
sucka's mo' an' mo' angry about da damn United States. An' in da house, it
divides sucka's on da quesshun. Sheeeiit.

Second, I've listened ova' an' ova' da Bin Ladden's message. Den, I lisetened
t' some couple o' analysts, from Canada, Quebec, United States an' France. From
dair on, I have mah brainstorm on Mr. Ladden's message.

- Do not misunderstand him , dig dis: he be raidy t' fight t' deat'. 'S coo',
- Da next "big-ass" terrorist jack will probably not be in da United States.
Ladden said, mo' dan no otha' country, Saudi Arabia. Mah thoughts be dat Ladden
be preparin', o' at laist seeks 4 some jack on da Petrol Companies, probably
not t' cut da damn U-S Military's ressources o' petrol, but t' shake da damn
economy. No diggety. Afta' all, gold an' petrol be "safe" values 4 da
investors. We spotted it afta' da jax in Harlem an' Washington , dig dis:
investors rushed 4 gold an' petrol. So's it wouldn't surprise me if Ladden, as
I say, planify o' seeks attakcs on Petrol fields in Saudi Arabia.
- Terrorists movement be silent now in Europe (down low, i. Right on!e.:
probably Germany, England an' France) an' in Nort' America (down low, i.e.:
Canada an' da damn United States). Only some "degradashun" o' da damn wah' will
make them wake down. Slap mah 'fro! Afta' all, yo' ass kin make some bomb wit'
milk an' chlorinate.


Bioterrorism, Nuclaih' terrorism be real damn real damn complex. Damn straight,
yo' ass should think o' it an' protect yourselves about it, but da damn
'esploit o' it be real damn complex.

Da Middle-East situashun , dig dis: Yassa' Arafat said he wouldn't tolerate no
otha' anti-wah' o' anti-IsraŽl protest, an' he dun did. Durin' some protest
today, wassups bacon busted a cap in waaay down 2 protesta's. 'S coo', bro. I
recon' dis be some message t' da damn United States statin' , dig dis: "Yo' ass
spot, I is tryin' t' make sump'n out in da house, do da same wit' yo' IsraŽl".
He wants wassups country an' he tru-ly needs it now. He knows he kin lost
control anytime wit' wassups sucka's. As bigga' as da wah' will be, da bigga'
da anti-U-S-fuckin'-A/IsraŽl movement will be.

Pakistan , dig dis: It be wit' resignashun dat da damn General President said
he wuz wit' da damn United States' Coalishun. Now, he, too, be loosin' control.
Fanatics be willin' t' jack no U-S/U-K soldia' on deir soil. Dair, as well,
control be no longa' solid. Fuck dat shit. Da same applies in da house , dig
dis: as bigga' as da wah' will go, bigga' da movement will be.

Da "onde de choc" created by dis psychological wah' be goin' out, even in
Indonesia. Rememba' da Soviet Union/Afghanistan wah' , dig dis: all da islamic
world rushed in Afghanistan t' help them out against da damn Red Army. Da same
will probably go down dis time, maybe not t' protect da damn Talibans
("quoique" some kinda' sucka's will go dair 4 dat), but t' protect Big Allah.
By da way, it be some interestin' fact , dig dis: Bush claims Big Allah be some
paiceful religion, while Ladden 'esploit it 4 violent acshuns. It be real damn
interestin' t' spot how much concepshuns o' some religion yo' ass kin have,
esp. when dis religion has no "pope". (down low, Some Islamic guy said dat on
da transista' , dig dis: havin' da equivalent o' some pope would solve some lot
o' bugs-up-da-ass). Interpretashuns kin be real damn real damn dangerous.

Afta' da wah' , dig dis: Afghanistan baby-kissin' be likes it be geography ,
dig dis: rock an' complex. While da damn U-S now helps da Northern Alliance
(down low, an' 'esploit it instaid o' sendin' massive ground troops), it duz
not want it t' form da next Afghan Federal, simple becuz da Alliance duz not
represent all da minorities o' Afghanistan. Woah, Nellie! Too way baaad
Commanda' Massoud be wo'm food, it would be interestin' t' haih' wassups
thoughts on dis. Dun did he wanted t' snatch da damn powa', o' dun did he
simply wanted t' put da damn Talibans out, den form some step-federal ?
Clear-like, da fresh Commanda' o' da damn Nort' Alliance said dat they
re-consida' snatchin' Kaboul. In da last bullshit, they duzn't wanna snatch it
now, but they be raidy 4 some massive jack in 5 days at da damn maximum. So's,
whut da damn afta'-wah' will be likes in Afghanistan ? No one tru-ly knows I
guess. Amen! Da United Nashuns should be mo' involve in da situashun as they
be now... but we all know da United Nashuns , dig dis: "whut 4 do they 'esists
? we kin do da 9-to-5 without arguin' wit' dose-dair tiny-ass no-where

Military strikes on otha' countries , dig dis: dis would be da damn worst shit
t' do. Yo' ass could be shaw dat all da middle-aist would be some enormous
bomb. An' whut country would be unda' strike ? Algeria, Sudan, ??? Mah thoughts
be dat if dair be otha' countries unda' military jax, it will probably be in da
aist-African region.

Dis wuz mah brainstorm..

You have been JIVED!!


I will give you 2 GA's for 2 GC's!! Email or IM me or respond to the multiple threads I have concerning this. Help a desparate man out!!
AIM: ckennedy77
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Originally posted by TheU2:
You have been JIVED!!
Somebody's been visiting the Dialectizer site! I love it! I once pulled up my company's website through the dialectizer and told my boss that someone had hacked into teh system and changed our text! He fell for it! I was laughing so hard whe I told him!
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Holy John:

You have given a good analysis of the situation. There is much danger and risk ahead of us; I hope we meet it appropriately.

It is worth noting that the Bush administration has publicly endorsed the idea of an independent Palestinian state, and I think this is a good step toward some Middle Eastern balance, so long as the Plaestinian Christians and Druse retain their freedom and identitiy as well. Although it does seem to be shaking up Ariel Sharon, but I think he needs to take a few steps backward in extending Jewish settlements in Palestinian areas.

Also, I have no problem with removing the slave-trading government in Khartoum, Sudan. Slavery is repulsive, immoral and cruel, and they should not be allowed to buy and sell their own citizens into slavery (or any human beings for that matter).

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wow, je suis impressionee hj. je ne regarde pas la tele, ni la radio.

merci d'avoir poster ca

"What fish don't know"--Marshall McLuhan

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