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The few, the proud, the breast augmentation compliments of Uncle Sam

Aug. 14 A Marine Corps lance corporal is in the military brig for illegally using a Pentagon credit card to buy herself a car, motorcycle, furniture and a breast-lift, according to the Marine Forces Reserve.

It is kind of sad, but my man boobs could use some augmenting.

Of course the serious side of this is this:

[Q]In fiscal year 2001, federal card holders made 24 million purchases valued at $13.7 billion, according to the General Services Administration, which also estimated that the program would save approximately $1.3 billion a year.

But the purchase card program has fallen vulnerable to abuse, and not just at the Pentagon.

Last March, the General Accounting Office, which is investigating purchase card programs at several agencies, reported that the Department of Housing and Urban Development could not legitimize more than $1.3 million in approved purchases, including more than $74,000 at computer and electronic stores and $27,000 at department stores such as Macy's and Sears.

Last year, the GAO issued similar criticisms of the Army, Navy and Air Force for alleged purchase card abuse. The White House Office of Management and Budget also ordered agencies last year to investigate purchase card abuse.

The Pentagon, which accounted for 11 million purchases in fiscal year 2002 valued at $6.8 billion, has undertaken its own oversight program. On June 27, the Pentagon's inspector general said that out of 1,357 Pentagon purchase card holders chosen for audit, 182 card holders potentially used their cards inappropriately in about $5 million worth of transactions.[/Q]

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Usually, purchase cards only require one level of approval for expenditures. Depending on the depth of description required, it would be very easy for someone to pass expenditures through with creative descriptions.

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What, pray tell, creative descriptions could one come up with for a boob job I wonder?

But on a serious note, how would you use the card for such large purchases? A motorbike, car, misc. furniture etc is not exactly cheap. What are the cards intended for anyway?
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Originally posted by Angela Harlem
What are the cards intended for anyway?
Purchase cards can save an organization a good deal of money. It is far cheaper than having individuals make purchase on their own cards and reimbursing them directly.

Also, the organization can receive a percentage of the transaction fee for each purchase. Credit card sales cost a merchant about 3% as a fee to the credit card company. The purchasing card company collects that fee and gives the organization a portion of that fee.

For each dishonest employee, there are many others who use the card properly.
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That's unbelievable

Meanwhile the rank and file military is struggling to buy basics like food.

I'd like to know what our President intends to do about this

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