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And p.s. it is useless to debate whether one field of study is "easier" than the other. I studied History along with Religion, English Comp., Business (another one you call "easy;" go find an "easy" MBA) and Political Science, and I can't count all of the brilliant, dean's list science majors who often sought help from me on simple writing assignments; and I never even made the dean's list!


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I completely negate the notion that a teacher is less valuable, or less qualified or less 'learned' than other professions, and I do think they deserve higher wages. However, going back to Melon's point....

Melon, you simply can't have some members of the labor market striking, such as policemen, firemen and other people who are ESSENTIAL to the rest of society. I'm sorry, but it should be made law (and it is in some countries)that some jobs are free of striking, simply because there are other interests to be taken into consideration. This, while being a tad unfair, should be taken into consideration by those who enter such labor markets, the fact is the economy and society is based on the actions of all concerned, and we can't have some people not performing simpy because they're unhappy. It isn't logical as it isn't beneficial.

Plus, there are some people who are just complete prats when it comes to the topic of 'striking'. Here, in Britain, you even get FOOTBALLERS, bleeding footballers, striking because they're not happy with their paychecks. This is highly ridiculous, because if you ask me, if a person gets paid a mere PENNY (or cent) for kicking a piece of plastic across a field, that penny is a penny too much. They have no grounds upon which to strike, and should be arrested simply for the complete cheek they show. Call it dictatorial, but we would live in a far more grateful and less spoilt society if we had people who were happy with what they got. I don't mean to say that noone should be allowed to strike, sometimes industrial action is needed in some situations, but sometimes there are higher issues at hand.


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Certainly, abilities and interests have a LOT to do with whether a certain individual finds a program of study difficult, but is everyone HONESTLY suggesting that there are no easy majors? That they're all equally difficult?

Come on.

Not to be completely cynical, but there are some student athletes and donors' children who have very little business being in college, and yet they find a major they can handle.

Beyond that, there is, at least to computer science majors, a CLEARLY easy major: Management Information Systems. Honestly, M.I.S. is computer science for dummies and slackers. There is NO class that makes C.S. guys take pause, in terms of difficulty. The students don't take calculus or physics, they don't take a single programming class until senior year (SENIOR YEAR!), and it is regularly the case that C.S. majors get overwhelmed and change to M.I.S. - but the reverse NEVER happens.

Suggesting that all majors are created equally hard is to suggest that M.I.S. is as difficult as C.S. I cannot do that in good conscience, even for the sake of making everyone feel better about their own degrees.

Now, I *might* concede that education is as difficult as a major as others, in its own ways, but it seems to me that it still has the appearance of being an easier major, thus attracting more students than the current economic system needs.
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Originally posted by sulawesigirl4:
You've not spent much time in France, have you. lol.
Ack! The French go on strike if it rains three days in a row. Not to mention closing the roads and basically holding people hostage who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. No, striving to be like that is going too far.

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