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Strange question, but I gotta know.

I'm asking this because I knew 2 people who experienced this and no one could answer it back then. I used to work with a lady who went through a sex change. Before the op and all that, there was a girlfriend. Lesbians, I'd guess it would be, though the man (let's call him Tim) thinking that he was born in the wrong body can't be a lesbian (Or not?)...but anyway, my question is about the female partner. Now she had to be a lesbian, right? When Tim had the woman's body she would have been attracted to him (Tim) because she (the girlfriend) was gay, not because she was hetero and overlooking the fact that Tim had a woman's body?
Is this confusing yet?
Tim's partner: Is/or was she a lesbian? And what was her sexuality after Tim's procedures when Tim was without a doubt a man, legally and socially, etc. I ask this because sexuality can't be changed (technically, I thought). And also Tim appeared in a dream of mine the other night with a wonderful database for me full of errors (I used to work with him, and he would do my biz in programming), and I got to wondering how he was going.

-Probably worth noting that she stayed with him well after the change and was there way before as well.


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The blogger Zoe Brain at has covered many a transgender issue since he started spontaneously becoming a she around a year ago, the brain sex of transgender people can often be associated with good analytical and programming skills; it may not entirely be a coincidence that she was and is an engineer. She also considers herself to be a lesbian, which is after coming from a position of considering homosexuality defective not two years prior.

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I'd say the girlfriend is bisexual.
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Before or after, though? Whatever she was, she was enough to stay with her partner through her to his changes.
And here's the one I really cant answer. 'Tim' was not a lesbian before the op? I know he probably felt he really was a man, and he certainly did a great job as one, but what defines sexuality?
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I'm completely confused , but maybe sometimes people can be attracted to others without it being a sexual orientation thing, without the relationship necessarily being defined by that. Also I've seen couples on Oprah and other shows in which one person underwent a sex change and the partner was still attracted to them sexually and still had sex with them. Sometimes though they didn't have sex anymore because the partner said he/she was not homosexual.

What defines sexuality? Maybe sometimes it can't be defined.
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