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socio-politico-economic free for all...stop on by

i figured i should spill this out into another thread because i just couldn't pass up a response to your post.

Originally posted by A_Wanderer

To seperate Marx's idealistic and undefined communism from the real world implementation is essentially a cheat to wash a flawed ideology clean.

In theory communism works
In theory capitalism shouldn't

In practice communism fails outright and capitalism keeps afloat.

And democracy is seperate from these two because you can have democratic communist and capitalist systems.
well to use marx's terminology, his socialism is scientific as opposed to idealistic. none of the so-called communist revolutions featured a mass uprising by the working class so i don't see how they were marxism in practice. lenin, mao, ho, castero, et al. were obviously influenced by marx but their revolutions were not marxist in nature. i'm curious if you've read marx. not that i am an expert on him, nor would i claim to be...but his linear / material view of history implies that certain conditions must be present before capitalism can be succeeded by communism. none of these material conditions were met in countires that have so far had socialist revolutions.

in theory communism works, and so does capitalism. i've never heard otherwise. there is the belief that capitalism is not sustainable though.

communism has not been put into practice, and for now capitalism is floating.

and yes, democracy is a political system where as communism/capitalism are economic systems. although many would like to believe that capitalism and democracy are synonyms.
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