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Old 10-18-2001, 04:26 AM   #41
War Child
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Don't you see a double-standard with the Taliban saying it's the worst thing ever when four of their people are killed after they just killed 5000 of our people?
That is not even the issue here.

The issue is that you obviously care more about human life when it is within the borders of your nation. End Of Story.

Also, as I stated in my first post, they kill their own civilians everyday, in public executions held in a soccer field. But that's ok though, eh?
What a pathetic tactic.

You have just suceeded in humiliating yourself even further.

I did not in any way even suggest that the Taliban's actions were OK. Your attempt to put words in my mouth that totally go against everything I have ever said in this thread and on this topic shows what a sad and utterly intellectualy bankrupt position you are coming from.

I do respect human life, however, I am upset with the American media. I am following this quite closly especially since I live 3 blocks from the WTC site and all. I would like to see major newstations take just a minute each day and briefly talk about one of the victims.
As others have said, WTC victim stories have been unavoidable for the past month.

I think that your major problem is that you are probably watching that anti-US, pro-Taliban cable station CNN for your news. You need to watch Foxnews, where they tell ALL sides of the story.
Provide one shred of proof that CNN is ant-US or Pro-Taliban. I would like to see you try.

CNN refuses to show how our brothers and sisters came to a horrific and violent death at the WTC,
I've watched a hell of a lot of CNN over the past month and that statement is just bullshit. There is not a single shred of truth to what you said. Your credibility is starting to drop to that of wolfwill23.

CNN is an insult to the victims of Sept. 11th.
Your inability to be honest is an insult to all of us.

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Old 10-18-2001, 09:05 AM   #42
Rock n' Roll Doggie
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Originally posted by Angela Harlem:
Why do you all continually attack each other?

Why is it, that if you are able to argue a point, the original one is voided and yours becomes right? Does anyone here know how to argue? By offering a contradictory retaliation on a point doesn't give automatic credence to your respose, nor make it right.

The amount of blind disinterest to other points of views in here is appalling. A person's argument may not be what you believe. But to quote melon quoting someone else, get over it or yourselves! To read an opinion which you do not see/agree with/like and then go in guns blazing with an attack on the writer is poor.

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Angela, I think you're not reading the same posts I am. I don't see "attcking" going on here, except one mild case in which I was accused of having a "narrow mind". What I do see are points well argued.

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Old 10-18-2001, 11:52 AM   #43
War Child
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I agree with 80's.
We see Gonzie,Stars n Stripes,Matthew P, Marko, Bama, Melon, and others being very respectable of each other's posts..That's why I do love it here.

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Old 10-18-2001, 01:07 PM   #44
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This doesn't put my debating skills under a positive light, however, how dare you, wolfwill23. If you could just step back for a minute away from the manipulation of the press and media and think as a sentient human being, you would appreciate the whole thing on a humanitarian scale, not the mechanical irritation your poor sense of patience for 'bad news' has misled you to.

I will not go on attacking or insulting you, for it would be too easy to do that, instead, I'm going to enlighten you, since you seem to be devoid of certain facts. The first fact being that all of this turmoil and humanitarian disaster is basically due to indirect fault of the west; the western world, which includes everyone from America to nice old passive France. Everyone knows how America encouraged the Muhajideen to overthrow the Russians, but I wonder if people appreciate just how callous the Western world was in turning its back to Afghanistan when it was all over. When the Russian enemy was defeated and various regimes took over Afghanistan, I wonder who was there to back them up. I wonder, who was there to help the humanitarian crisis that has lasted for more than an entire decade. Yes, you may have lost 5,000 in one go, as you claimed, and I hate myself for sounding so callous, but these people have known suffering a lot longer than America, or any other country in the world in the west will ever know in this modern age. Try various fanatical regimes ravaging the country, burying its own country into poverty, making three out of five children orphans, condemming innocent women, children and perfectly civilised men into a life of no opportunities, wealth and no freedom. This, and a life completely devoid of the essentials of human existence, has been going on for decades now, and you have the audacity to stand up and moan about how a few days of reporting has tired your patience and ears out.

A little out of focus.

Think about that statistic, how three out o five children have no parents. How everywhere they go and tread on they have to flinch because 45% of Afghanistan is coverd in mines; some that have been left there, some have been put there maliciously recent. Most people don't even want the Taliban, they hate them more than the West does, for chrissakes! But you just sit down with them and let them tell you of how it was BEFORE the taliban, when the Muhajideen would not only kill women for showing skin, but rape them beforehand.

With stories, images and numbers as seen in Afghanistan, its not a question of 'playing up the camera', as you so humanly said. Their grief and pain is quite genuine, and has been lasting for a considerable amount of time, longer than the period since the 11th.

I condemn the attacks on America, and I grieve for your loss, and I fully back the course of action America is taking, but I object to the lack of humanity that some people display, the lack of humanity that put all of us into this mess in the first place. My view remains the same as always, September 11th, horrible and ghastly as it was, was a wake up call for some people. Obviously, some people are still very much asleep, if all you can think about is how irritating it is to hear of Afghan suffering. So you can hear all you want about how people died on YOUR territory, but you get irritated with reports from Afghanistan; THAT is a double-standard as the next hypocritical doubt from the Spin-doctor's note book ever was.

We all know of the Taliban and its cruelty, but that doesn't reflect the way everyone is. What most people in the Afghan region think, feel and say, IS anger, but not the same type of anger. Their anger is centered on how the West paid them to wage war, how their country was, against their own will, rushed for the front lines of a brutal war (that led to several wars), and then, when all was said and done, the West turned its back and left them to clear up the mess. France, the battle ground of the first and second world war, was given compensation and was paid for its losses; where was the West when all was said and done in Afganistan.
Now, whether you think the West has a responsibility or not, I am merely illustrating the point that this story has a lot more pain and history and complexity than your opinion has given it credit.

'We have to remember every day that these people had dreams, a favorite band and ambitions in life. Those things were taken away from them for no reason.'

YOUR quote. Why don't you use it for the Afghans dying now, and those who have already died, and have been dying. THey have dreams too, you know. Oh, I forgot. You live in a life immersed in double-standards. Do you need another catastrophe to wake you up?

Yes, I agree with the bombings, but it deserves a more careful approach. Yes, I agree with action; but I also believe in a little bit of respect for human life, whether American of Afghan. You could try to show a bit of respect yourself.

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Old 10-18-2001, 11:23 PM   #45
Jesus Online
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Actually didn't mean you there 80's. Have a reread of some of these war threads. Name calling etc, but if others dont seem to mind, guess I shouldn't.

As Dennis Denuto once said, "Its the vibe".


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