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Old 03-19-2003, 02:55 PM   #1
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Share Your Solution for Iraq

It is very apparent that many in this forum do not approve of the way the United States is dealing with Iraq.

Let's try a senario:

Its October 2002. You are now the Secretary General of the UN. You can craft any solution to handling Iraq. The US is now isolationist and cannot be part of any solution. As Secretary General, what will you do with Iraq?

No flames - any and all solutions are worth considering.

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Eh no one here is a politican, but I'd try something like this:

More inspectors, and bring troops (a la UNPROFOR) to make sure they can get to all the places, without prior announcing, and start exchanging intelligence data properly.
At the same time, send in charity organisations (Red Cross, Doctors without borders etc...) to help Iraqui people get those food supplies, medicine etc...if necessary, some of the earlier mentioned troops can help make sure this help is not blocked in any way.
Confiscate the money/block the accounts from the authority, use that money to buy food and medicine and distribute it to the people by charity organisations mentioned before.
Put various (incognito) human rights "watchers" inside the country to report any abuse - the perpetrators are to be arrested and put in prison, or alternatively, banned from the country - use Interpol to help.

If the inspections don't work well, put pressure by adding military force around the area. (if being attacked, respond appropriately)
At the same time, gather information on local opposition. Is there any hope for a democratic change by election? Can we financially/military help them to overthrow the authorities? Can there be a non-violent removal of the leaders (arrest for abuse of power/crimes against his people...removal to Haague international court?), and then an election? Ban the current party - any sympathizers are to be arrested and/or banned from the country and start a multi-party system - get international law experts to help it get started and get international observers to control the legality of the first election. Then start a democratic parliament, with a new elected president.

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Old 03-19-2003, 03:49 PM   #3
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If you were the Secretary General of the UN, as the current events have shown, you are not in the position to do anything.

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I would immediately call all members of the Arab League in to the UN.

I would work with them to come up with a way to end the smuggling that is taking place with Iraq.

I would end the food for oil program as we know it and say that the only way it would be allowed to continue is to allow the UN to RUN it and Distribute the food and medical supplies.

I would increase the number of inspectors in the country.

I would attempt to build a broad coalition to send troops to Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey to show Saddam that we mean business since it is obvious that the military presence is the only reason we could get there.

I would strip the five permanent members of the security council of their veto powers. The veto powers have led us to VAGUE RESOLUTIONS that offer no real consequences to anyone. They are more worried about passing resolutions with consensus than passing resolutions that do anything.

How is this for starters. Yes my response is not real world. But it is what I would do to start.
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Old 03-19-2003, 04:59 PM   #5
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Sounds much better than what we are about to do.

Above all the sanctions which include simple chlorine for water purification need to be lifted.
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Some very good ideas!!!
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Old 03-19-2003, 05:53 PM   #7
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send the troops back home.

all but 10.

have those 10 surround Saddam

have 10 sniper rifles filled. 9 with blanks - 1 with a live round.

have all 10 shoot at Saddam.

no one will know who hit him, but we will have gotten him...

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