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Sunday Dispatch #312

The most heinous tactic of the self-appointed global masters is to exploit guilt. As in our post-Christian age most people became unable to grasp and confess their real sins, they are immersed in an atmosphere of imaginary guilt. They feel guilty of almost everything, so they are exceedingly vulnerable to any undue charging and prone to accept any offer for cheap acquittal.

Sometimes they try to get rid of such a depressive state of mind by proclaiming that there is no guilt whatsoever, that every moral law is just a social construct, so every moral demand is an unjustified oppression. But, after having proclaimed themselves free from moral duties, they feel guilty exactly the same as before.

To feel guilty is disgusting enough, but to feel guilty in a guilt-free universe is unbearable. Then the globalist establishment provides them new explanations: you are guilty of perforating the ozone layer, you are guilty of the global warming, you are guilty of animals dying in the rain forests, you are guilty of killing thousands of passive smokers around. These explanations, being grounded not in the idea of personal responsibility but in the presumed statistical effect of millions of anonymous unintended acts, have the advantage to rationalize the unexplained guilt feelings while at the same time protecting people from a confrontation with the reality of their sinful souls.

Under the guidance of globalist gurus, the moral life of the masses became a childish play between imaginary sins and counterfeit absolutions. Fake salvation, of course, is not free. The price for it is real sacrifice. You have to jog ten miles a day, you have to renounce a new car, you have to stop smoking, and so on. Once performed these pious acts you are again a good-standing citizen of the New Global Order, even entitled to some kind of physical immortality as soon as the scientists find the means to provide it. If you obey the commandments of an Ersatz religion, you win an Ersatz soul. These guys from WHO are so generous.

After considering carefully the stakes, I choose to abdicate my global citizenship. I remain a Christian and a smoker and I refuse absolutely to jog. When I suspect I committed some sin, I confess it to Our Lord Jesus Christ and then I sleep in peace without caring the least for the ozone layer. People who believe themselves to be passive smokers are gently invited to avoid my company. I rather believe Santa Claus than the effects of passive smoking. Even of active smoking. You know, I am an impressionable guy. The other day my beloved aunt Paula died. She worked to the last day and she smoked cigarettes to the last minute. The doctors said cigarettes killed her. The poor lady was only 91 years old.

I hope cigarettes will kill me in due time.

~Olavo de Carvalho

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Here Here!!!

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Olavo de Carvalho is just a paranoid writer who wants to live free of responsibility.
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Olavo de Carvalho is an idiot.
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Haha...why this is certainly the pot calling the kettle black!

And, yes, what a cutsy, ideologically convenient anecdote regarding that "poor lady" dying at 91. Then there's an old family friend of ours--from church--who is in his 50s and slowly dying from emphysema and lung cancer, having been a lifelong smoker. But I'm sure his wife and children just shrug it off and celebrate his inalienable right to smoke!

If you want to risk dying a slow and painful death, go right ahead. It's funny how Christianity has a prohibition against suicide, and, yet, seems to attract people with a death wish like Mr. de Carvalho.
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cough cough cough splutter

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