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Originally Posted by indra View Post
I wouldn't mind polygamy being legal as long as all parties consented to the arrangement and were consenting adults (or close enough, ie, most states allow people under 18 to marry if they have parental permission). Of course, what if a couple gets married and a year or so later the husband decides he wants to get a second wife, but his wife doesn't want that? Or what if a guy has four wives and then wife #2 wants another husband? Does that husband move in with wife #2 and all her fellow wives and husband #1? What if husband #2 has one or more other wives of his own already? What happens if wife #3 wants a divorce? What is she entitled to in the divorce settlement? How are child visitation rights handled if there is a divorce? Does wife #2, who mostly cared for the children, but isn't their biological mother, get any visitation?

Polygamist marriages would be incredibly complex and messy just in the legal details in ways no two person marriage could ever be, and that, not any moral qualms, is why I don't see them as practical. A gay marriage works virtually identically to a heterosexual marriage (as does a gay divorce), but throw an extra person (or three or so) into the mix and the potential complications abound. If someone can figure out how to make it work in a way it is fair to all parties, I'm fine with it.
Agree 100%.

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Polygamist marriages in the FLDS context are largely unworkable because they are based on power imbalances among the couples.

Legally speaking, it would also be very difficult. How do we tax these people? Are the mothers single mothers or do we have an expectation for the one husband to be able to provide a share to each wife and her children to the extent that they are not an automatic burden on the state? A lot of people don't want to discuss this, but there is a huge social security issue here, because the mothers (except for wife #1) are single mothers with a large number of children, who are an inherent burden to the state, since they are either not permitted to work outside the home, or traditionally elect not to. It's politically handy to point out the single mother in Harlem with 3 "welfare babies" but this is precisely what is happening here, and it is a perpetual reliance on the state since the economic conditions of the women cannot/will not change.

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I still do not understand how polygamy and gay marriage relate in any way. When people say, "If you allow gay marriage you have to allow polygamy," I just immediately stop discussing the issue with that person.
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If gays are allowed to marry
polygamy will be next.

You know how promiscuous gay men are,
do you think they will be satisfied with just one spouse?
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Originally Posted by yolland View Post
Lawmakers and former polygamist church members at a hearing before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday accused a sect under investigation in Texas and elsewhere of denying women and children their basic rights. The panel, requested by Sen. Harry Reid, met to consider ways to better coordinate federal and state law enforcement's response to groups like the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Wow, that's kind of an interesting twist since Senator Reid is a member of the mainstream LDS church -- from which the FLDS church broke away in the late 1800's over the issue of polygamy.

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