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Old 01-08-2005, 09:36 PM   #41
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Originally posted by starsgoblue
Chicken lips? That's not very nice....

I think Jamila meant that she feels the attitudes she is seeing are similar, not that we have somehow brought on NI's problems.
Yes I think Jamila was expressing an opinion - which I disagree with in certain respects - but she did not deserve to get flamed for it.

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No flaming here, guys - please. If there are certain attitudes we feel are irritating, just take five and chill.

No one wants to point fingers too soon, I'm sure, just as I'm sure that no one wants to say that the IRA have it tough, either.

Lets just all calm down, please.


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Since when is chicken lips an insult?

But back on topic..
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Originally posted by Lara Mullen

This has been big news ever since it happened, I can understand where ZeroDude is coming from, it is very easy for people to sit in another part of the world and talk about "the situtation" here when what you see in the news is only the negative aspect. This country has seen many changes in the past few years and it is now a very different place. I am really proud of where I come from. People here, regardless of what they have went through in the past, are all very positive. I hope someday there will be a deal between the big political parties here and we may see a solid devolved government.
I remember when I was in Ireland on a tour bus, and the bus driving was talking about the political history of NI. He said 'put your hands up if you've ever wondered why the British don't just give NI back to the Irish'

everyone but me put their hands up. It's incredible how much ignorance there is about the situation

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Originally posted by Jamila
Teta, we don't know if it was the IRA or some other group - there hasn't been a shred of evidence presented - just meaningless allegations.

ISN"T THAT THE BIGGEST PROBLEM IN NORTHERN IRELAND - everyone thinks they are right and everyone else is wrong?

Sooner or later, both sides are going to have stop the labeling and blaming and put down their defenses.

To me, it is attitudes just like that that will keep the troubles going and keep the people in Northern Ireland separated.

In this case, I don't really feel the PSNI have to devulge "shreds of evidence" yet to the public about why they think it's the IRAbut they must have, and have said, "substantial evidence" about who committed the crime. They are still trying to piece together what exactly happened on the morning of this robbery. I think what is most damaging about these allegations is that, whether or not the IRA have committed this crime, they have put an ending to the chances that there would be a deal to restore devolution here before the next general elections and has increased the acrimony between the political parties here.

When "the troubles" really flared up in the 60's Catholics did not have many rights. When the civil rights association was formed catholics did not have the opportunity to get housing from the government or jobs like protestants did. During the civil rights march in Derry in 1968 the RUC were beating politicians and catholics on the street. When you look at the situation today it is a lot different from then, when you talk to people who have seen some awful things during the past 30 years you realise how much things have changed here and hopefully we would never go back to days like that. I doubt with the past that Northern Ireland has there will someday be complete harmony between unionists (and rifts have appeared between them causing other unionist groups to be set up such as the DUP) and nationalists. I think it is also a lot more than just stopping the blaming and labelling.

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