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Originally posted by Dreadsox
I just wanted to point out, to our esteemed moderator....


That there is an excellent thread here at FYM called "Prophesies/Evil Doers/Religions influence on GW BUSH"

Here is a link:


Now I am not pointing fingers, but, what happened to the info on the main page of FYM in which a certain moderator told people to make sure they were scanning the pages and not duplicating threads? Hmmmmmm......

Well, what do you expect from a dirty socialist.

Interestingly enough, I have no idea where that thread went. One of my partners in crime must have decided it was no longer necessary...

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Originally posted by theSoulfulMofo
Ok... I'm halfway past the article...

As somewhat of a believer myself, I have much more respect for Bush as a Christian...

but Bush as the President is, well,
can Christians be presidents? they have to answer to the Senate, the Congress, be honest when addressing the media, appoint good judges to the Supreme court...and go to Church on Sundays! It has got to be a rough road to keep on the straight and narrow, not even taking into account interns who have evil intentions...possibly Bush's record as a Christian is better than as a leader in war-time?

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Very interesting discussion. What is a Christian? Most simply one who has put their faith in Christ alone for salvation.

I prefer a president who lives by faith, instead of one who treats worship as another photo op. IMO, the last president who lived by faith was Carter.
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Well, I for one having done a bit of reading on this topic fully believe that the President is a man of faith. My concerns lie more with the political influences his Christianity has on him. I know we cannot expect our politicians to completely separate themselves from their beliefs. However, it seems to me, that this President does not make an effort to separate himself from his beliefs. This can be good, and it can be bad. I think, counting the AIDS issue, we can see that the good part of his faith is that he honestly wants to do something about AIDS. The bad part is that the money is not going to be distributed by organizations that are set up there now that do not have a religious agenda. I am saying this based on a sentence that I have read and based on reading the Republican platform, and I realize this could change.

This said, NB mentions President Carter and I agree he is probably the President that comes to my mind when I think of a President who lives by faith.

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