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Originally Posted by Nick66 View Post

You were just owned, and I gave you the facts to back it. All you're doing is spouting opinions about "dark money" and "Murica". Next thing you'll be telling me the Supreme Court said corporations are people.

So anytime you want to have that conversation about the Citizen's United decision, let me know sparky. I've probably forgotten more about your laws and political system that you'll ever know.
My rhetoric was over the top. I was angry. I still am.

But, don't know more about my nations laws and political system than I do. Maybe unfortunately.

But you picked through quite a bit of my actual point to pull quotes that make me look like a sloganeer. I've written a few talking points in my time, but the NRA issue is a political issue. I am not sure how you think we change a culture in a 2-party system (no time to develop that magical unicorn 3rd party in the US) that doesn't involve electing the party that might actually (has) limit the weaponry as a start.

The culture? It is ingrained and generational. And these kids are the only path to changing that.

But to ignore the political path to immediate change of legislation is to do them a disservice. And you will see them naturally align with the Democrats. We only have two options here, and one is fervently pro-Gun and grades out A and A+ with the NRA and receives millions of dollars.

We cannot change the laws by proposition in this nation in relation to this issue. It has to be federal. There is no path to citizen initiative. It is representational only. Changing representatives with proper views related to this issue is how it is done.

We cannot wait for the culture to "catch up" if it does. If that means I am the Daily Kos, so be it. But I find no glory in failure, like that given by Florida votes for Ralph Nader or the Bernie/Hillary bot driven split. I have a teenage daughter in a large school. And a younger daughter getting ready to leave a "safer" school for the same. In the Wild West. I care about change now. And Kyrsten Sinema gets me closer than Jeff Flake or the Republican challenger (Chemtrail Kelly, or Martha McSally (replaced, down the road, our shot congresswoman Gabby Giffords) or Fucking Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio). I care that if McSally gets the Rep nod, we can go 2 for 1 and win her congressional district in a Dem-leaning Southern Arizona and Sinema replacing Flake.

Politics matter. Gun laws affect culture. The NRA has a vested interest in keeping guns selling. A Dem sweep will have a bump in their stock for a while, because the Preppers will be ready for Dems to come take their guns.

I am ready for that too.

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Time for the next thread.

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