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New York City mayoral race....

First of all, Freddy Ferrer is Al Sharptons' goon. If he is elected, New York is absolutely doomed.
Mark Green...way too liberal as well. I am a Democrat who backed Al Gore as well, but NYC does much better with a Republican mayor....and how can you POSSIBLY back any candidate who says that Giuliani has done a poor job in the past 8 years. What!?!?!??!?!?!?!? Did these people live through the Dinkins years!?!?!?! Have they lost their minds, have some kind of Amnesia? Mike Bloomberg, is very inexperienced though....unfortunately I would have to vote for him in a secod over the other two clowns...and I am a Democrat ...... Please please please please let Rudy Giuliani have another term.......

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Don't you love New England Republicans? So moderate they're like Clinton Democrats. I don't know all the quirks of Rudy Giuliani, and, considering the recent patriotism surge, I'll never know.

Hopefully, NYC will get a good mayor. And no, NYC does not need Al Sharpton's goon!


"He had lived through an age when men and women with energy and ruthlessness but without much ability or persistence excelled. And even though most of them had gone under, their ignorance had confused Roy, making him wonder whether the things he had striven to learn, and thought of as 'culture,' were irrelevant. Everything was supposed to be the same: commercials, Beethoven's late quartets, pop records, shopfronts, Freud, multi-coloured hair. Greatness, comparison, value, depth: gone, gone, gone. Anything could give some pleasure; he saw that. But not everything provided the sustenance of a deeper understanding." - Hanif Kureishi, Love in a Blue Time

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I will tell you, as a New Yorker, Rudy Giuliani has done more good for this city than any other mayor of the past 50 years. He has transformed New York City....The city went to hell under Dinkins and Koch. I must say I do like those New England Republicans --you are right!! Not Conservative but not liberal--they have a clear head on their shoulders right in the middle a lot of the time. Mike Bloomberg for Mayor -- The First Boston Red Sox Fan to Mayor of NY.....
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