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Old 02-24-2002, 12:46 AM   #1
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More Israeli Barbarism.

It is being reported that another Palestinian has died at the hands of an Israeli.

An Israeli woman shot a Palestinian man TWICE, IN THE HEAD, IN A GROCERY STORE.

It's things like this that causes the Middle East and the rest of the world to HATE Israel - and the United States, its most committed ally.

Of course, the racists that support Israel's campaign of terror against Palestine will actually try to condemn the dead man and label him as a "terrorist," when ALL he was doing was visiting the supermarket - in a failed attempt to bomb it.

They will cite this part of the article:

At least one small explosion did take place, leaving one customer lightly wounded but causing no casualties, said Jerusalem Post reporter Margot Dudkevitch. Nails from one of the explosions littered the floor.

Further tragedy was averted when a woman shopping in the packed supermarket apparently saw the terrorist trying to set off a second explosion and shot him twice in the head from close range.

A police source told Israel Radio the terrorist apparently intended to detonate a small bomb in the supermarket and then blow himself up with the explosive belt when police forces came to the scene.

They will harp on the fact that he had bombs, but they will IGNORE the fact that nobody actually died from his attempts, that one person was only "lightly wounded" from the only bomb that actually detonated.

Surely the United Nations cannot ignore this woman's barbaric act; surely they MUST condemn the nation of Israel for its attempts to apply "ethnic cleansing" to that grocery store. And, surely, that trigger-happy Texan in the White House will NOW ask Congress to cease all foreign aid to Israel.

Enough is enough; if a man can't bomb his local supermarket, WHAT CAN HE BOMB?

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Maybe they need stricter 'bomb-control laws' esp. in supermarkets in Israel.
Would this help?

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hahaha dude.... the illegitimate love child of Phil Hendrie is YOU achtung lol
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