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More Christian Bull

A victory against those damnable forces of political correctness – an employment tribunal decided last week that Lillian Ladele, a marriage registrar, should not be forced to officiate at gay civil partnerships, despite the fact that it was precisely her job to do so.

Ladele, a bigot, aged 47, does not much like the idea of homosexuals doing anything with each other, let alone getting married. Officiating at such a ceremony was in direct contravention of her beliefs, the tribunal decided.

Crucial to its judgment was Ladele’s “Christian faith” which, she insisted, precluded her from giving a professional blessing to sodomites. I don’t know what would have happened if she had told the tribunal that she wasn’t a Christian or a Muslim or of any other faith but just hated poofs. Probably she’d have lost.

But the fact that she can append her bigotry to a minority view within a church attended by a vanishingly small section of the British population apparently swung the day.

There is a double irony here: civil ceremonies, for both gays and straights, are supposedly the secular alternative to a church service, so it is a bit iniquitous to find God – or at least Ladele’s own, personal, vengeful vision of God – poking his big nose in by proxy.

Further, there is a large swathe of the Christian church which finds quite invidious all marriage services conducted beyond the reach of Jesus Christ, which is why the Church of England fought long and hard to ensure that, by law, the Bible must not be quoted at these ceremonies.

Perhaps Ladele can reconvene the tribunal and tell them that, as a Christian, she objects to all secular marriage ceremonies and therefore cannot, on account of her religion, officiate at any of them. To make her do so would be discriminatory, as would sacking her.

She has the human right to be a marriage registrar and refuse to sanction all secular marriages; to just sit at her desk playing online Sudoku all year while feverishly rubbing her crucifix.

A compromise might have been to force her to officiate at gay civil partnerships, as required in her job description, but to allow her to shower gay couples with virulent abuse as soon as the formalities were over.

Perhaps she could scream at them, as they kissed, “if there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act, they shall surely be put to death”. (Leviticus 20:13) This, I think, would get the reception going nicely and would be a good talking point for the guests.

Members of the right-wing press have seen Ladele’s case as a “victory for common sense” against the political correctness of Islington council, which employed this woman.

It seems to me quite the reverse and the very apogee of political correctness (incidentally, can you imagine the Daily Mail and others taking the same sort of view if Ladele had happened to be a Muslim?).

The victory for common sense would have been achieved if Ladele had resigned from her post because she felt that it was no longer compatible with her private beliefs since the legal approval of civil partnerships for gay people in 2004.

Instead, out of a desire to pay obeisance to any and all forms of religious bigotry, rather than insist to individuals that their views are stupid and medieval, the tribunal has opened the doors to a whole array of nutters with terrible sensibilities to plead their cases.

Ladele was not expected to endow gay couples with a Christian blessing – indeed she would be forbidden from doing so. She should have either resigned or got on with her job without discrimination, reserving her dislike of homosexuals for her private moments.
Lillian, the marriage registrar who’s wedded to bigotry | Rod Liddle - Times Online

With the hilarious revelations
A civil registrar who claimed her Christian belief is so fundamental that she cannot conduct civil partnerships is an unmarried single mother.

During an employment tribunal Lillian Ladele, 47, who was born and raised in Nigeria, claimed that she was discriminated against by Islington Council on the grounds of her religious belief.

She told the Mail that she gave birth to an illegitimate son when she was 20.

"I would never claim to be perfect," she said.

The revelation has led to accusations that she was not properly cross-examined at the tribunal about the nature of her religious faith - details of her extra-marital sexual activities only came to light at the weekend.

The tribunal's judgement read:

"Ms Ladele is a Christian. Her unchallenged evidence was that she holds the orthodox Christian view that marriage is the union of one man and one woman for life to the exclusion of all others and that marriage is the God-ordained place for sexual relations.

"She could not reconcile her faith with taking an active part in enabling same-sex unions to be formed.

"She told us that she believed this to be contrary to God's instructions that sexual relations belong exclusively between a man and a woman within marriage."

Ms Ladele told the Mail that while working as a registrar in Islington she told her superiors:

"I would not be able to conduct civil partnerships because it states in the Bible that marriage occurs between a man and a woman, not people of the same sex, and, as a Christian, I try to follow what the Bible teaches.

"I’m not homophobic. I’ve never had a problem with gay people or their lifestyle.

"My issue was purely that I did not want to be the one to facilitate same-sex civil partnerships because I do not agree with them."

Gay equality organisation Stonewall said it is encouraging Islington Council to appeal against the employment tribunal decision.

"We will seek to intervene formally in any appeal process if the opportunity arises," chief executive Ben Summerskill told

"In the light of the revelations over the weekend that Miss Ladele has in fact had a child out of wedlock it does seem that the tribunal should have tested the exact nature of her claimed religious beliefs rather harder.

"It remains difficult to escape the conclusion that the principal motivation in this case for Ms Ladele, and for the Christian Institute who funded her, was prejudice against gay people and not a strongly-held religious position at all."

The tribunal ruled that Ms Ladele was unlawfully discriminated against because of her religion.

It also found that Islington council failed to apply its anti-discrimination policies to gay colleagues who were mistreating her, failed to stop bullying against her and labelled her homophobic.

The tribunal also accepted that Islington Council had been able to deliver a "first-class" service to homosexual couples seeking civil partnerships, without Miss Ladele's involvement.

Therefore, the Council's decision to require Miss Ladele to perform civil partnership registrations, contrary to her conscience, was an unlawful act of indirect religious discrimination.
Christian registrar who won ‘gay marriage’ case had child out of wedlock - from Pink News - all the latest gay news from the gay community - Pink News

Special protections for religious belief produces some funny results.
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