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Moral Equivalency

The problem facing the world isn't with America or religious extremists and terrorists it is Islam itself and Muslims broadly. It's very existence creates violence all over the world and it seeks to exterminate all that do not fall to it. Muslims rule the world with oil and use it to control Europe and America who give vast quantities of aid to mulsim countries which is used to spill Christian, Hindu and Jewish blood the world over.

All Muslims are the decendents of Pigs and Monkeys and they drink the blood of infidel children in their ceremonies, they are an aboniation unto the earth and must be exterminated. It is the duty of every righteous man, woman and child to wipe the scourge of Islam from the face of the planet from the Strongest leader to the smallest child, when that is done the world shall be safe for us righteous folk to live in peace and harmony

Highlight the next piece to see how exactly I say we deal with these traitorous evil animals.

The Above Piece Is as you shall read an introduction.

This post is an example of what happens when I take the sermon of a "progressive Muslim cleric" who recently visited the UK and change Jew to Muslim, it is paraphrased but every single piece of it is an example of what he said about Jews, I ask you all - how is it that the western world ignores the sheer hatred that these "holy men" hold towards other humans and continue to let them influence those in the west.

There has been a marked rise in anti-semitism the world over ever since the creation of Israel and especially since Arab Nationalists hijacked the United Nations.

Those who read this and were deeply offended I will not apologise, you know know how many Jews around the world but especially in Europe feel, 60 years after the Holocaust - the greatest genocide in the history of the world - we are on the verge of having these hate filled men in possesion of the tools to finish what the Nazi's started and wipe the Jewish Nation from the face of the earth (I speak of course of Iran who is quite close to obtaining Nuclear Weapons). 60 years and the mistakes of the past are being forgotten and we will not face up to it. These are perilous times and we must not forget the lessons of history, look at who these Islamists (I went over this Islamist defintion before, if some people still don't get the distinction start a thread) really are and what their goals for future are, if we do I am certain we can find the strength to defeat this evil and make the world safe for diversity.

Again the unhilighted piece of the post post is not the way I feel at all or my thoughts at all it was put together from various quotes of Sheikh Abdur-Rahman al-Sudais, it is the sheer hatred of a few such as this man that is creeping antisemitism back into the world and must be stopped by all of us.

Now let's see if people flame before looking and label me a rascist, agree with me and make me truly scared or get the nuance and engage in a polite and frank discussion of the double standard we apply to Muslim's when they speak about the Jews and other Infidels in such appauling manners.

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This isn't the first time I've read about this sort of "teaching". It is likely more common where the Western eye does not look.

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Or doesn't want to look, some say that there are millions who are against this type of teaching but they forget that there are millions more who listen.
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Sorry. Threads that say "all Muslims are descended from pigs and monkeys" are not allowed. I'm not sure you were just trying to make a point here.

If you have any problems or questions, please PM or e-mail me.
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