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Modern Crusaders

Slavery in lieu of education Objectionable activities of Christian
organizations in the name of education

By Abdur Rahman Omar

“We don’t want war with Islam but within Islam.” This is the ugly agenda being followed by the Kufr (unbelievers as a whole) with its all resources. The inhuman drive was continuing since centuries but after September 11, 2001 incidents, it has been relaunched with a new vigour in the name of Crusades.

Muslims are being massacred in every nook and corner of the world. The Kufr yet is not happy. For it does not want to restrain the drive to massacre only. Rather it wants to go further and plan for enslaving the remaining Muslims for centuries to come. How this plan is being acted upon and how the nefarious design can be countered will be reviewed here under.

The Kufr has adopted it as a policy that Muslims must not be allowed to flourish anywhere in the world. It is for this reason that in over 15 regions a war like situation is prevailing. Before Muslims could raise their voice for freedom or rights, bulldozers are deployed to demolish their houses. If they prepare themselves to counter this uncalled for aggression, they are declared as terrorists and fundamentalists. The victims are labeled as the tyrants through the mass media. While the cruel armies continue mass murdering Muslims, especially the younger generation. Muslim women are gangraped and this heinous crime is being used as a tool to psychologically destroy a whole generation. This incident is on record that Serbs assembled and imprisoned about 25,000 Bosnian Muslim girls in a camp and molested them until they all conceived pregnancy. This tactics is being used in every region against Muslim women.

Some Muslims who were lucky enough to escape this massacre and molestation of women migrated from the affected area in time. But those who stayed behind were made targets of forced expulsions or legal expulsions. These shelter less and landless Muslims are leading their lives in refugee camps like animals. (Figures of these Muslim victims are being given separately.)

After occupying Muslim areas and pushing the inhabitants to refugee camps, the Kufr has developed a new strategy to further this war. That is enslaving the souls and minds of the bodies, which had already been overpowered with the help of gun power. For the purpose a hue and cry is made that illiteracy is at its peak in the targeted region. Educational institutions are in a rundown condition. People are uneducated. Due to ignorance people have become violent and lawbreakers. They can be converted into lawabiding citizens through education. This propaganda is continued unabatedly. The United Nations and Christian nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) plead for donations. Then occupying Kafir governments take the responsibility of restoring the education system in the area. Christian organizations are activated. Within no time TV screens and newspaper pages are filled with the description of the efforts being taken for education of the masses in the occupied area. Christian NGOs proudly announce that they are running so many schools and have reopened so many closed educational institutions. Now the next generation will be an educated one, purged of all kinds of violence .... This farce is being given in every region of the world, taking that all the people are too foolish to understand their game.

Dear Readers! This drama is being enacted successfully. Its only objective is to prepare such minds that could safeguard the interests of their masters when they (the masters) could no longer maintain their rule over Muslim areas. So far the Kufr has been very much triumphant in its planning. It is for this reason that Muslim governments of today are devoid of any religionational honour. Black masters, after the departure of white ones, are imposed on Muslim masses and are working for the completion of the task of the whites. Thus, the Kufr is governing the Muslims without any botheration. In case of any upsurge in the Muslim areas the people would fight with their own governments instead of the Kufr. Thus, the conspiracy to provoke a war within the Muslims is easily materialized.

The latest victim of this conspiracy is our neighbouring Muslim country Afghanistan. The United States showered thousands of tons of gunpowder to help the Northern Alliance capture the country. Then a puppet prime minister was imposed there. The next stage was to make a hue and cry about illiteracy among Afghans. This stage was also started with fanfare as announcements for aid to fight against illiteracy were made. President Bush was dying for the removal of illiteracy, and was appealing to American children to donate for Afghan children’s relief fund. A sum of 2.5 million dollars was collected within few days. With the help of other countries books worth millions of dollars were got published and dispatched to Afghanistan. British education system was introduced in the country. Announcements were made for the restoration of schools. The school buildings that were the targets of American cruise missiles and bombing by B52 planes burying innocent students under their debris few days ago are now being rehabilitated.

Christian NGOs had reached Pakistan with the eruption of the Afghan war so that their task to “educate” Afghan children in refugee camps was started immediately after the occupation of Afghanistan. The United Nations has issued a report according to which less than 32 percent men and eight percent women are literate in Afghanistan. Since March 23, at least 1.5 million children between the ages of three to 14 years would be going to schools. For the Kabul University, the United States has offered 60,000 dollars as aid where 3,000 students will be getting education. All this is being done to give the impression that if the Americans want to eliminate “terrorism” from amongst Afghans, they are also worried over their illiteracy. This is the good for which the people living in the Stone Age were buried under stones.

The education system has been contracted out to Christian NGOs. During the Taliban ere, these organizations were under a strict check for their main objective was preaching against Islam and for Christianity. It is not a hollow allegation as the Taliban had recovered a huge quantity of venomous literature in Afghanistan’s official languages Darri and Pushto from an office of the Shelter Now organization in Kabul. Now, under the rule of the Northern Alliance, these organizations are establishing themselves on sound footing, as there is no check on their activities. Their main target is the orphaned children of the Taliban and the Arabs martyred in the incessant and inhuman US bombing.

These organizations have given admission to hundreds of orphan and shelter less children in missionary institutions, providing them education as well as lodging facilities free of cost. These organizations have also offered to the Afghan government that they are ready to take away these children to their base countries for their better care. These NGOs are giving the impression to the government that all this is being done for the help of war affected children. However, their actual mission is to train these children under the supervision of Christian teachers. After the completion of their education, they will be anything but a Muslim. Apparently they will be Afghans and Muslims by their names but actually they will be Christians in their beliefs.

The 23year war has rendered seven million Afghans shelterless and orphaned more than five hundred thousand children less than 12 years of age. In Palestine, victims of Jewish tyranny and oppression Muslims are facing the same situation. Christian missionary organizations in the name of sympathy are active to provide a full generation of traitors like Yasser Arafat to Palestinians. Similar is the condition in the refugee camps of Arakani Muslims in Bangladesh. Christian missionary journals are proudly giving statistics about the converts there.

A few days ago, Karachi police had busted a gang of human smugglers from Gulshan-i-Iqbal area. Ringleader Deinis Charles of the gang confessed during investigations that he had smuggled 200 children to Malta during the last two years. All these children had been snatched from various hospitals in Pakistan. Bogus documents were prepared with Christian names of the children who were smuggled abroad through an NGO named the United Christian Foundation. According to accused Charles, half of these children were Muslims who had been snatched from maternity homes in small towns and villages. Kochita Charles, the wife of the accused, would receive these children in Malta and sell them through the Foundation. According to Kochita, wheatish colour was likened in Malta and because of it Pakistani children were sold out easily and at higher rates.

Accused Charles said he would get Christian children from their parents on the pretext of providing them higher education in Christianity. The parents were also given the incentive that their children would be awarded citizenship of Malta and thus they themselves could immigrate to that country at a later stage.

This is the real face of these Christian organizations. Under the cover of human rights they camouflage the missions of the CIA and Mossad and do not even spare their faith fellows what to talk of Muslims.

Their nefarious designs are exposed when we see that in some areas they are strengthening their roots in the name of hunger, poverty and illiteracy and in other areas their role is quite different.

Look at Bosnia and Albania. Was there poverty and illiteracy? Your answer will be in the negative. For situated in the heart of Europe these Muslim states were in a good position from all aspects. Literacy rate was more than 90 percent. But the Kufr imposed the Serbs on them to carry out the most heinous massacre of the human history there. Now these NGOs are working “to heal up the wounds of war” there. But, in fact, they are acting upon their plan to spread Christianity and prepare the puppets of Christians in the days to come. Similar is the situation in other areas.

See that the Taliban and Al-Qaeda members from whom the allied forces have recovered laptops are forced to live like animals in the X-Ray camp of Guantanamo, Cuba. Most of them are engineers and doctors graduated from the known universities of the West. Was it illiteracy that forced them to take up arms against the West? These highly educated people devoted themselves to check the tyranny of the Kufr on Muslims, ignoring all the luxuries of life. And the Kufr does not want to see these elements take roots anywhere in the world. The Kufr, wherever and whenever possible, tries to press the Jihadi forces. The people, who luckily escape mass murders and ethnic cleansing at the hands of the Kufr, are made the target of cultural and ideological attacks through these NGOs in the name of human rights, alleviating poverty and education.

Dear readers! Should we continue falling victims to these nefarious designs? Cannot we check the storm of atheism, immorality and anarchy by putting our resources together for the education of our orphans?

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Dreadsox: frightening
but the title of this thread is missleading, why do you use the word "modern"?
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Frightening, if true....

However, I am not sure what we are reading here. Is this an objective view of Christian NGO's operating in Islamic countries? Or is this fear generating propaganda by an Islamic extremist? Christian NGO's operating at the direction of the CIA and Mossad? Is the author's idea of the proper school one that uses and teaches only the Quran? Exposure to the Gospel is now a new form of ethnic cleansing?

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"Abdur Rahman Omar " is definitely an extremist. Do a search with his name in quotes. Scary stuff.

We are a long way from having any chance at peace between Jews, Muslims, and Christians.

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Well, since we're on a roll "nevermind" originally said:

"It's not as if Muslim countries are somehow the bastions of tolerance, antithetical to Christianity."

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Ugh. Scary stuff. I don't particularly like being accused of supporting Milosevic.

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