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Old 08-14-2001, 09:08 AM   #1
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Kids On Drugs

You know what I think is worse than kids buying drugs on the street?
Parents putting their kids on drugs.
When I was a child, hyper kids were given different ways to channel their energy, and parents spent time with them. Now days, it's way too easy to just give them a pill. That doesn't require effort, time or commitment. What are we doing to our kids? AAAAAAGH! Damn Ritilin. Damn it to hell!

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I have to disagree with you on this. My boyfriend's son is very hyperactive and easily distracted. He take a form of ritalin that lasts 12 hours out of the day and without it he is very disruptive in school (to the point where he has to be removed from the class) and can't concentrate for more than 10 minutes without getting very frustrated among other things. We already usually spend at least 2 hours a day on home work with him and he's only going into THIRD grade this year!! I can agree with you that it's been used as a remedy far too often but in our case it's very necessary.

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i think the two have to come hand in hand. Drugs are very powerful and especially when you are a young child. If you are not explaining things to your child telling him about the pills then you cant teach him to act a normal life.

ps. when i seen the title i thought we were in for another great drug debate!

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I don't know 80's...the drugs they're buying on the street this weekend in Houston are PRETTY bad. 18 rather instant deaths in 3 days, very sad. News story below.

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Wow, that's sad, Like 02.

Drugs are everywhere these days and you don't have to go on the streets. A lot of kids (never me and I don't personally know anyone) can get high off household items (huffing them). Sick stuff. Eep.

As for Ritalin, there are cases for it and against it. I do think parents need to be more involved in their childrens' lives and not to just jump at the drug answer. But if it helps and is moderated, then fine.


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Old 08-26-2001, 06:11 PM   #6
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No one should ever condem drug-addicts, some of the most interesting people I know are on something or another at some point throughout the day. As for kids, well... I must confess, I was addicted to Calpol in my youth. No doubt my outlook is quite disagreeable for a Conservative, but I don't mind; I have my prozac to fall back on in case I get an anxiety attack.

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Would we condemn parents for medicating their diabetic children? How about the kids with heart problems who need medication?
I've seen students who are far behind their classmates academically because they had so much trouble paying attention in class.
Don't dismiss all parents who put their kids on Ritalin and other drugs just because a few have overdone it. This is a popular thing to do nowadays, but no one seems to be able to give solid evidence that it's as widespread as they'd like to believe it is.

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