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Originally posted by Lemonite:

Ok, klodo.. i'm not sure where you're from.. but now that you've learned that Bush was pushing for this missle defense way back over a year ago.. If you are an american, I would hope that you would see that there is a need for this, So what if the current situation helps out bush's agenda... Apparently, the restof the country is starting to see BUsh's idea.. if it were still such a RAGINGLY RADICAL idea.. then people would oppose it still, it's jst that the american people are starting to see how necessary it was, the rest of teh world are starting to see it is necessary, and people world wide are now giving credit for the forsight of bush and chaney as they called over a year ago.. ahead of the 'popular craze' if you wish.. i won't get into a parallel ofu2's album pop.. another ahead of the time idea.. But again, i've said it before, to try and make a statement that Bush is capitolizing on the Deaths of thousand americans, for his sole intrinsic giddynesss of 'putting thruogh his agenda' is sick and twisted, He is using the situation as a more immediate warning to the fact that there is now a more desperate need for this missle shield to be developed.. If he is using the memorial of thousandsof americans to get an already ignorant public to realize just how evil these people are, and just how destructive these people are, that any extra motions of defense are necessary, so as to stop thousands more americans from dying... Klodomir.. From all your statements, I would assume that you are Praying for a missile to land right in your beer mug as you type of How unprofessional it is for Bush to use a tragedy for the sole intrinsic purpose of him feeling successful.. Bush is a man of character, he cares for his people.. I think it's a somewhat jaded and really a mootless pointed argument that BUsh wants things just cuz he wants to be signing bills ... He doesn't work that way, Maybe he's trying to save your life.. Whether you're an american or not...
Good points, Lemonite.


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My objection to our withdrawal from the ABM treaty so as to pursue a missile defense shield is simple: It's not worth it because I don't believe we can build a workable Star Wars system. My primary concern is that whatever system we build (undoubtedly at a horrendous financial cost) the Chinese, The North Koreans, The Indians, The Pakistanis, The Russians etc will all build attack systems that can penetrate our defense. In order to do so they may well have to build their nuclear arsenals by a considerable amount. Is a defense shield that likely won't work worth the creation of thousands of more nuclear warheads? Is it worth the near inconcievable financial expenditure? I don't think so.

And can we discuss this without some of the silly partisanship seen in this thread? Of course any politician given the approval ratings Bush currently possesses will try to use them to his benefit. Bush has and Clinton certainly would have had he had the opportunity. Neither Bush nor Clinton are saints; they're politicians.


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Asscroft is just Jerry Fallwell's puppet. How he ever got confirmation for that job is a good story.

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