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I saw this story on a commercial news bulletin here in Australia the other night and thought it was crap- the story was clearly to me all propaganda and I hated seeing the dog in that situation, but hey I like your work HJ, the US for sure aint got clean hands that is for sure, and really how crap is CNN I always take anything I see on that with a grain of salt, it really is not very good journalisim- but hey this is just my point of view, I am sure that there are millions of people who worship and take it as truth what they see and hear on that station, but I tell you the most funniest part of that story I found was when the journalist doing the voice over said something like this, 'the American government now after seeing these tapes believes that both OBL and the Al Queda network are much more organized than previously thought of'- this statement made me laugh so much, like come on guys you have been laying claim for almost the last year that this is the mob who hi-jacked and flew a heap of planes into buildings in the US, now excuse me but if that is not proof enough that they are pretty organised than I dont know what it is going to take

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Originally posted by U2Bama

You aren't telling the truth.

Look at the thread that posts an article from MSNBC, a U.S. media source, critical about the U.S.'s alleged negligence as to potential atrocities the Northern Alliance and Afghan interim governments.

that is true however in general, bama, the u.s. media does a lot more turning of its back than they do reporting on such issues.

a lot of possible hot point issues regarding the actions of the US military are simply skirted by their accompanying media in favor of other available points: economy, abucted girls, or fluffy stories on 'war technology'.
such misdirection does not need to be overt either. an example would be0 the TV-ification of conflict by CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, FOX NEWS and the like-war and other events resemble a TV series rather than journalism.

it is current events entertainment for the american. it could be argued this is what CNN pushes or this is what CNN must deliver.

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