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Originally posted by pub crawler:
One reason people so rabidly defend "The Right To Bear Arms" is that it's nice to be able to protect oneself from the riff raff of society. You know, the criminals (who are often black and hispanic, aren't they?? pub crawler asks this question facetiously and sarcastically. Pub is trying to bait gun ownership advocates into having an honest discussion about this issue.)
Originally posted by 80sU2isBest:
Okay, I'll take the bait. Your statement infers something horrible about gun advocates.

Not all of 'em. Remember, I said "One reason..."

Pub, that's just damned offensive to anyone who cares about this issue but may be on the opposite side of you. I've NEVER heard a gun advocate say that guns are nice to protect themself from ANY minority.
I don't think I've known anyone who would make such a comment publicly. That doesn't mean people don't think such thoughts. By the way, in another thread I opined that we all, myself included, have bigoted and even racist thoughts at one time or another. It's what one does with those thoughts that matters. I don't have many such thoughts now and I hope I have even less in the future. I'm cognizant of when I make an unfair assumption about someone in my mind, and I don't like it.

People for the right to bear arms are interested in teh right to protect themself from anyone (white, black, yellow, red, purple, orange, blue) that would pose a serious threat themselves or their family.
As for what you call "Riff Raff" - I consider Riff Raff anyone who would murder, molest or rape anyone. My definition of riff raff has absolutely NOTHING to do with race or socio-economic status.
Fine, 80's, I accept that -- the part about your definition of riff raff, that is. I disagree, however, with your implied statement that you and your family are facing such a daily threat with respect to your well being and security. I just don't think the threat is as great as you do, and I live close to an area that isn't exactly the safest place in the world. Who are these people that "pose a serious threat to [you] or [your] family?" Are they hiding around every street corner? I just don't buy this rationale for arming oneself.

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I believe guns are just all round bad things.
They should be banned everywhere.Whoever could make a weapon that is designed with the sole purpose of killing people was pure evil.If you carry a gun in defence the other person who may never have intended to use theirs and just had it as a bluff may then feel threatened.This would result in a death where as if there were no guns the world would be a safer place.

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Originally posted by UV2001:
If you carry a gun in defence the other person who may never have intended to use theirs and just had it as a bluff may then feel threatened.
Like maybe they were just "kidding around" when they told you they were going to rob you or rape you when they pointed their gun?


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