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Old 03-29-2003, 01:15 PM   #1
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Iraqi Vice President speaks. NOT good

First of all, they had complained that the UN put the oil for food program on hold. Now after UN resumed it, the Iraqi government says that they "reject it", "they will have nothing to do with it". All I can think is that it is just another way to starve and punish civilians.

Now the bigger news. And yes all of this is straight from the mouth of the Iraqi Vice President. After a car of suicide bombers killed 4 coalition troops at a checkpoint, the VP applauds them and says that the Coalition can expect the Iraqi military and militias to carry out terrorist attacks such as this more and more. He was then also quoted as saying "We will use any means necessary to fight the coalition in our land and then we will follow them into their land"

Take these statements and the fact the Al Quada forces are helping Iraqi military to fight in Southern Iraq, and their connection to terrorism looks pretty solid.

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Old 03-29-2003, 01:16 PM   #2
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Are they really "Al-Qaeda" forces? I know we seem to like to think that every Islamic terrorist is part of "Al-Qaeda," but I still don't see the evidence that "Al-Qaeda," specifically, is part of this. Guerrillas and militias? Yes.


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It has been reported from captured Iraqi's in Basra that there are Al Quada fighting with them. I also have SEEN no proof, and am a bit skeptical myself. But I guess it's a possibility.
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I suppose it's possible, but the link between Al-Qaeda and the Iraqi government is tenuous. Osama and Saddam are not exactly bosom buddies, although Saddam doesn't have any scruples about using terrorist tactics, as the Iraqis are doing with suicide drivers and such. There are different factions of different terrorists. But they are all terrorists. Saddam is a . Osama is a . Terrorists are 's.
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Terrorists should be issued ID cards so we can tell which evil faction they belong to.....
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I can't believe that some people actually thought this would decrease terrorism around the world.

It can only get worse, and I believe that it will.

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