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I'm finally seeing the political stance of some US papers (U2 content)


Just because I have too much time on hand I took a look at the Drudge Report. At this site I found a link to a U2 concert review by the NY Post.
One of the difficult things for me as a foreigner not even living in the USA is taking into account the political stance of the papers when reading an article. Well, my mind is clearer now with regard to the NY Post. What a bunch of anti-liberal suckers they are!

Read the following review of U2's MSG concert (link: http://www.nypost.com/entertainment/34316.htm)
Hey, Bono, just sing
by Dan Aquilante

October 26, 2001 -- AT their return engagement at Madison Square Garden, U2 was a finely tuned rock machine, with a squeaky wheel named Bono at center stage.
Bono, the voice of U2, sang songs about peace, love and understanding in a city that was the target of hate a month ago.

Over the course of the two-hour concert, between highlights such as "Bullet the Blue Sky," "Beautiful Day," "Pride" and "Sunday Bloody Sunday," he expounded on a mishmash of topics.

Early on he praised IRA terrorists for finally laying down their guns.

He kissed an American flag that a kid in the audience waved with reverence, yet his jacket was lined with a cut-up Old Glory.

He told us to have empathy with Muslims. "They go to church, too," he informed the adoring crowd.

And he concluded the concert by scrolling the names of the victims of the four fatal Sept. 11 flights, as well as the names of the police and firefighters who died in the World Trade Center rescue efforts, on a large display screen.

Deeds count, not words.

This past weekend he and guitarist The Edge didn't bother to show up for their scheduled appearance at the Concert for New York City - that honored those fallen heroes and aided their families.

Bono was so liberal, so politically correct, he made you want to puke green.

As an outsider, his audacity to think his celebrity gives him the right to tell us how and when to let go of our anger made the rage hotter. You wanted to hit him upside the head.

Bono should consider he's not a priest, just a singer. To steal a line that Bono sang when he was a boy: "If he starts to think, he'll start to cry."

The music was great. The band played well. I wish I had stayed home.
I'm not often angry about a negative U2 review, but now. It isn't just what he wrote, but also the people will read it and maybe even agree with it!


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Um, the Drudge Report and the NY Post aren't exactly indicative of journalism in America.
Both are more about entertainment than journalism and the Post is actually a gossip rag. Moreover, I believe that an individual working for the Post was killed by anthrax so they're even less likely to be unbiased.

If you're actually interested in the political stances of U.S. newspapers I would suggest reading the editorial sections of the following papers online:

Boston.com (the Boston Globe)
STLtoday.com (Saint Louis Post-Dispatch)
SunTimes.com (Chicago Sun Times)
PostIntelligencer.com (Seattle Newspaper)
accessatlanta.com/ajc/ (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
DallasNews.com (Dallas Morning News)

Ok, that ought to do it. I've given you Northwestern, Southern, Western, and Midwestern newspapers so that should cover the gamut of regional opinion.



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Bono is always accused of being bombastic. *shrugs* Journalists slagging on Bono's well intentioned yet arrogantly perceived stage antics is nothing new.

What that journalist failed to acknowledge is that it would have been irresponsible for the band to ignore the tragedy and turn the other cheek so the show might go on. As being the sensitive band who immerses itself in worldly causes to better educate themselves and their fans, I personally applaud U2 for recognizing the fallen victims and through entertainment, helping their audience realize that life is precious and we shouldn't forget those lost lives, yet life does go on despite tragedy.

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