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Old 06-22-2003, 02:18 PM   #1
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If there is still PTSD from 9/11...


I can only imagine the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) that exist in Iraq and Israel / Palestine.

So this makes me want to pose an earnest question. Is the US spoiled? As unfortunate as 9/11 is, it was the first attack on US soil since the Civil War (or World War II, if you wish to include Alaska and Hawaii, neither of which were US states at the time). How many parts of the world have been fortunate enough to have eluded disaster that long?

I don't wish to trivialize 9/11; that's not my point. My point is that I wonder if, with all the media fearmongering, we have forgotten how lucky we are?


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Alternative therapy for WTC victims

NEW YORK (AP) --Behind windows overlooking the World Trade Center site, a new office decorated in serene colors is offering free alternative therapy for those with lingering September 11 trauma, including acupuncture for stress and a Chihuahua for comfort.

The alternative therapies are provided in addition to traditional one-on-one counseling sessions at the new office opened by St. Vincent's Catholic Medical Center.

The staff hopes that being away from the hospital environment will help people feel more comfortable with the idea of therapy. The center -- so new it has a paper sign taped to the door and no phones yet -- is located on the 12th floor of a downtown office building.

Trace Rosel, a social worker with the center, said most patients have welcomed the idea of going to counseling in an office with a view of the disaster site.

"For some people, it raises the anxiety, but once they got here they felt this was safe and a way to heal," Rosel said.

The center also employs another unusual icebreaker: the unusually calm Chihuahua named El Duque, who agreeably comes when strangers call him and doesn't mind being handed from lap to lap.

"Things work differently for people -- not everyone's into one-on-one counseling," Rosel said.

Dr. Spencer Eth, director of the center, said therapies that are nonverbal, like spending time with the dog and coming for an acupuncture session, help ease patients into the idea of therapy.

The center will cost about $1 million a year to operate, and is funded by government grants and private donations. Eth said workers hope the flow of funding will continue, allowing services to remain free.

Hospital counselors had been seeing such a continuous stream of patients from the ground zero area that they decided lower Manhattan needed a therapy center separate from the medical center, which is about 2 miles north of the trade center site.

"Even though it's been 20 months since the disaster, there continues to be a large, unmet need among New Yorkers who are experiencing symptoms," said Eth. "We'll be able to see people who work in the area, live in the area, schoolteachers, public safety workers when they're off-duty."

The office is staffed by several therapists from St. Vincent's, which estimates 15,000 people have sought counseling through the hospital for September 11-related trauma. Now, the staff works with a few hundred regular patients, Eth said.

Symptoms of post-traumatic stress include sleeplessness, anxiety, irritability, nightmares and substance abuse. One study shortly after the attacks estimated 1.5 million New Yorkers would need some type of therapy for terror-induced psychological problems.

I think it is easier to respond to a thread when the article is posted.

It is good to include the link for context.

I do have opinions on this, I may post them later.

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Having lived in a war afflicted region during wartime as a child, I can most certainly tell you that yes, Americans are lucky.

Death is all around us, some experience it earlier than others, some more frequently. There is unspeakable suffering elsewhere in the world, and that is a statement of fact, which does not and should not diminish 9/11, IMO.

9/11 is a way of life for many, many people.
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I think we in American escape much of what many in less fortunate countries have to deal with.

If gasoline goes over $2.00 a gallon we feel victimized.

I did not watch the repeated playing of the WTC collapsing.
Watching thousands of lives perish before my eyes was not something I wanted embedded into my sub-conscience mind.

The lack of mental health in Palestine is one-reason suicide bombers are proliferating.
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Well, I think in some ways 9/11 is kind of like depression connected to war. For me, I still have a bit of anxiety when a subway train stops in a tunnel or I hear a fire truck siren or a plane overhead.

Depression caused by a constant dread of something happening is the same between 9/11 and any other violent event related to a war-type situation. Just because we don't have daily suicide bombings does not mean the depression here is worse or better than somewhere else.

Depression is not a set thing -- if you have one person die every day in your town you need more help than someone who saw 3,000 people die two years go. Depression in these cases is all relative to the events being dealt with.

My struggle is no more or less important than the struggle of an Iraqi or a Palestinean. Its just different.
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